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  1. it's seems to be interesting. But ... a new hacker group? not a huge fan of the name... But, if u got a place where a newbie like me can talk without looking like the most stupidest man in the world, i'm totally in!
  2. Hi everyone, As I just recieved my pineapple mark IV, some questions come to me... With the implementation of hsts, sslstrip became a little bit inefficient... (even if I can harvest some of my credentials). I'd like to know a few things : Does someone already test dns2proxy with sslstrip2 from Leonardo Nve ? https://github.com/LeonardoNve How does it works? Cause i'm quite new to this, and i wasn't able to make them work together on my computer. It's ok for the dns which redirect sites to a fake adress when i do a nslookup (like facebook pointing to but sslstrip didn't ret
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