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  1. it's seems to be interesting. But ... a new hacker group? not a huge fan of the name... But, if u got a place where a newbie like me can talk without looking like the most stupidest man in the world, i'm totally in!
  2. Hi everyone, As I just recieved my pineapple mark IV, some questions come to me... With the implementation of hsts, sslstrip became a little bit inefficient... (even if I can harvest some of my credentials). I'd like to know a few things : Does someone already test dns2proxy with sslstrip2 from Leonardo Nve ? https://github.com/LeonardoNve How does it works? Cause i'm quite new to this, and i wasn't able to make them work together on my computer. It's ok for the dns which redirect sites to a fake adress when i do a nslookup (like facebook pointing to but sslstrip didn't return me anything. And, it is possible to make an infusion of those to script for a pineapple? (mark IV if possible). And there is the last one, the one i'm ashamed of... how to change my dhcp conf? Sorry if my english seems wierd, i'm french. And thanks :)
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