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  1. Just installed following the simple instructions. Everything working well. This was a pleasant surprise :)
  2. 0:55 Hak5 logo 1:07 Pinneapple logo
  3. I don't know if this is related but in case it is and others will read this later, coincidentally it started first rebooting itself after I installed the pineapple stats infusion and now when it's stable I don't have it installed. i also remember after removing the infusions I had to manually remove a reboot script from crontab that the infusion left behind. Here are some other people that seem to share the story: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/32466-support-pineapple-stats/?p=242477
  4. Thanks Sebkinne, I rebooted again and uninstalled all infusions and reinstalled again just the ones I am using and it seems to be stable now as far as rebooting. It was rebooting by itself without me running anything really on it, just logged into the interface. I will repost here if it happens again.
  5. Hey guys, My unit started recently rebooting on it's own or locking sometimes. Certain times when it starts I cannot see the infusions (installed on the sd) sometimes I can. 1. Can it be that the sd needs replaced or just reformatted? 2. If I get a different one, can I just replace it after I format it or do I need to copy something on it first? Thank You.
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