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  1. Hi there, I have already paid for the order actually. What should be done, will they issue a refund or just cancel the order without refund. Thanks for the sharing details , appreciate your help Thanks & Regards, Arun
  2. Thanks for response. I need one more infor, while placing order via borderlinx how did you manage giving shipping and billing address as same at hakshop. As they keep billing and shipping address as same. While we pay with SG credit card and get it shipping to USA address. Can you please share what you did to manage this ...
  3. Thanks for sharing the policy details. I was wondering if I could place order vi bordernlinx. I see that a previous member did the same but wonder how, bcos the hack5 policy says cannot ship to PO addresses and I guess bordernlinx has a PO address from where its further shipped to singapore. I know there are details given in website but I would be nice if someone who had done this in the past share some insight. Please ........
  4. Hi everyone, I am planning to order below from Hackshop for my Company for official projects. Wish to check if there are any custom constrains while the order enters singapore as per IDA guidelines. 1x WiFi Pineapple Mark V Elite (wifi-pineapple-elite) 18999 18999 1x WiFi Pineapple Mark V Ultra Bundle 15000 (mk5-ultra-bundle) 24999 24999 In case those who orders faced any challenges please share. Thanks in advance and appreciate all help offered. Thanks & Regards, Arun
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