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  1. I am looking to build a freenas server to replace my windows home server. I am looking for some feedback as to what to build. I want it to do everything that my windows home server does. It will mainly be used for data storage and streaming videos and pictures to other devices. I know it should have ECC memory but pcpartpicker does not have any ECC memory I was thinking about putting in 32 GBs of memory in it which would max out the board. Here is what I am looking at from pcpartpicker. Thoughts and suggestions would be nice. Fell free to edit the list just let me know why you edited it if you do. http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Mr_Cool59/saved/VMGwrH
  2. i know this is daisy chain hdmi-vga-comp highly likly not going to work. of you ready my post carefully i want to take an HDMI cut a couple of inches off of it and then wire that to the device i want to know if that would work.
  3. i hope i am puting this in the correct spot i was wondering if this is possible. i have a vga to composite adapter model kw-pc tv 1600 ntsc and i was wondering if i could wire an HDMI cable to the device. and no i will not need the HDCP since i would only be using it for presentation like power point maybe videos from the internet. any help would be nice even if it no you can not do this. i am trying to avoid having to buy an HDMI to vga adapter and hoping this would function as both in one box.i only need the video to work so audio not working on the HDMI dos not bother me
  4. I am wainting to know that since belkin took over making linksys routers if they are any good or are they lik all of the other belkin prouducts now. I am loking at geting a new router and am waiting to know if they are still a good name to look at. Also any recmonadtions on a good router to look at.
  5. I am waiting to know of any good websites out there for test prep for the comptia network+ and security+ test. If there is not any some information about what type of information the test cover would be good to know. I am asking this since I have a voucher from school for both of theses test.
  6. so hear is my problem i am tired of having to buy wireless routers every 2-3 years. I am think of building my own router but unsure on what i should get. Hear is what i am thinking getting a mini itx with 4 lan ports. hear is the reason for 4, one coming from the cable modem, one going to a switch for internal wired networking, one going to a wireless build maybe have not figured out if i should have one for router and one for wireless routing, and the last one connecting to a home server. i hope someone can shed some light on this for me. so i know if that is two much or if i should just get a dual and then run everything from a switch.
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