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  1. If there is no other way to boot from an external device... A bios chip cannot be backdoored or cracked on an oem machine. If it is a custom build machine then there are some backdoor passwords out there, but they rarely work. So that leaves you SOL. If the case is locked then you need to unlock the case. Don't get all panicky just yet. As long as you can inconspicuously open the case and remove the cmos battery, then the lock picking is your only hurdle. Lock picking is easier than you think. You only need some home made tools and some time to practice on your target lock to get er done. If the lock is one of those crappy kingston types then see any of the videos out there on picking those, cause it take seconds and a retarded cat with no paws could pick one of those. If its a master lock or some equivalent key based lock then you will need a "rake" and a "tension rod" and buy a lock like it to take home and practice on. How To Pick A Lock, In Comic Book Form!! That's a quick and easy starter tut on lock picking. Now go out there and be somebody!!! **of course if the case is locked via a looooooong steel wire thingy strung through through several PC's, and the admin has a HUGE CONSPICUOUS LOCK at the end... then you're straight up SOL. sorry
  2. Since you are only placing the new user to the local admin group via the SAM, SYSTEM and SECURITY files, the networked user and pass for the schools LAN won't matter. However, you will have to do it to every computer you log onto. Unless you can somehow figure out how to get into the school's DB of user and passwords and add a special user of your own that has LAN manager admin rights. Of course we have to get the local hack to work first. And I don't just mean once or on a home computer, I mean on a PC that has been secured by IT lock down. So who wants to lose their job?
  3. Hey, just stumbled onto this. CLICKY CLICKY Hey it was news to me...
  4. What would be AWESOME would be a if you could use a gif instead of a bmp. Then you could sub in the goatse marathon gif for the boot screen. ;) I realize that you are really against this project, but you must realize that its all fun and games as long as peeps are doing this to their friends at home and not at work. That's how hacks started the brains over at MIT started pulling pranks, then called hacks, and it was all in good fun. Of course they moved on to prank codeing and "viri", but it was still all in fun. While at CMU a friend of mine hacked my Mac!!! It was a powermac a really really old one, so that I could only save to the desktop. He also pasted a huge porn poster on my bathroom window the night of a big date. But it was all for sh!ts and giggles no one got hurt, I had my data backed up, I didn't let the girl into the bathroom. Its called fun. I realize that there are some bad people in the world but you have to realize that we are talking about a hypothetical joke, not an undetected baegle variant. I mean who didn't love leaving a floppy full of porn in your friends system when their parents were over?? Movin on up. The only way I know how to alter those types of files without an admin pass is with the win2k boot cd and recovery console. However, if the PC is on and your friend left it unlocked you could insert the USB stick and run a batch file that swithces out your moded boot loader and boot.bmp really fast. You could even alter the autorun file for the USB stick that would run the batch file as soon as it loaded. At least i think that would work.... Sorry its late and I'm knackered.
  5. Hi all, I have been keeping an eye on this thread for quite some time now, and I really like it. Question, lets say I have an iso of a win2k boot cd... Then we could alter the boot.ini to load the recovery console and run a batch file (or whatever) that switched out the svcehost.exe with celltoolz hacked version while backing up the real version at the same time. Then the batch file tells it to shut down the system eject the CD and reboot to winXP. According to what celltoolz says the hacked svchost.exe will create the new user and pass with admin rights and force the WinXP OS to reboot and backup the original svchost.exe file. I imagine it working like the Ophcrack live cd that just launches and runs the brute force on the dumped SAM, SYSTEM and SECURITY hashes and keys. Then gives you the user and pass for everything stored on the local PC. (yes that's an over simplification) What do you guys think? The Win2k hacked CD could easily be modded with Power ISO, its just a matter of the batch file and boot file being feasible (oh and the iso would be warez so I dunno if we could post it here...that's why I haven't posted it yet). So could this work? I'm willing to supply the final product cause I have the toolz and I want to contribute. Just give me the word (and maybe the .bat file, and possibly the hacked boot.ini file, if you have the spare time and brain) and I can have the iso set up and tested ASAP. Hope this helps. BTW - We could also integrate this into a USB drive to boot from for low visibility.
  6. Hi Hak5 I like your collaborative work so I thought I'd join up and see what I can do to help. To learn about me just go to my crappy ass blog. However as for forums: 1. I hate Flames. They are counterproductive and they ruin threads. 2. I like when people answer questions instead of just telling the new guy or n00b to piss off and use google. 3. I'll typically be the n00b helper. I like to help people that are just starting out, cause we all started somewhere and if you're young enough being a skid is just a gateway. Hope that wasn't all shite. BTW - Happy New Year
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