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  1. Update : Tried it on a Mac OS X (not a mounted version) and the commands seemed to be working perfectly, all my bad! Only problem is that it was in canadian friench, therefore the layout must be different, as in the / key is replaced by the é key, how to fix that? making another keyboard layout only for canadian friench keyboards?
  2. Oh, and second question, anyone knows why the commands/GUI aren't the same in these payloads meant for the same OS? https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/wiki/Payload---OS-X-Wget-and-Execute https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/wiki/Payload----OSX-User-Backdoor I tried both but the COMMAND function seemed like the one actually working on my VMs for some reason, and if manually typing Terminal in, it would be able to access it and write the rest of the payload (in total jabberish of course). What bugs me above all is the fact that the hardest part is actually acheived, y
  3. I've recently been installing quite a couple virtual machines to try out my little duckies (nothing to say about the windows scripts, they work wonders and we have plenty of feedback on that part). Yet, I need infection penetration testing on Mac OS X, and I can't seem to find much going on around the forums about that subject. All I need, basically, is an understanding of their functionalities, and when I need a sudo password (like to disable Gatekeeper) or if simply being in terminal will bypass that for a simple app installation. I'm only looking to download and execute an application do
  4. Hello, I have just received my first duckies and started playing around with them and I gotta admit it is pretty fun. I have also found a great interest in the wget + execute function, especially if something can be worked out to do the same for .app on Mac OS X (if someone could help me out with that it'd help, I don't have any mac to help me out find which keys would allow me to remote download + execute). But most importantly, what's bothering me, is the lack of stealthiness of the actions. *** Bob tells his friend he needs a certain doc Adam answers him sure, let me put it on my USB a
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