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  1. Hi guys, Have read it all an STILL have not figured this thing out... :( I have my LAN Turtle... yes So.. I plug a LAN cable into the but of the LAN Turtle and then i do this: - plug the LAN Turtle into my Windows (sigh) machine, get the magic IP address and Putty (ssh) to the LAN Turtle... yes! Works!! - plug the LAN Turtle into my 2016 R2 KALI freshly installed machine, get the magic IP address and command line ssh root@ NO!!! connection refused! Ahhhh! Why??! It works on a (I know) windows machine but not a Linux machine... I have tried all the ip tables stuff suggested... and all other stuff suggested in here to, but no luck... Please can someone smarter than me (that is most of you guys) help me understand what is going on here? I want to be able to ssh locally to the LAN Turtle plugged locally into my Linux machine. I do not want to have to switch to a windows machine when ever I need to configure the LAN Turtle. Really appreciate all the help I can get from you guys... Thanks in advance. K
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