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  1. Same issue here. I seriously doubt its a user issue. Darren can you chime in here. There has to be a reason. Tell me what you need to see and I'll provide whatever stats you need to help us all fix this issue.
  2. Same issue and I have not found a fix. Still no response from the Pineapples that be on this issue I'm afraid. If I just run it as an AP it works fine. As soon as I do ANY of the infusions that is when it starts getting stupid on me. I can restart the network via eth0 and it will run for about another 20 mins and then it happens again. Seriously needs to be fixed. Raptor
  3. Exact same issue with Windows. It works for awhile but as soon as I use sslstrip or any of the other features it stops providing Internet to the client. Default routes are there but it doesn't route anything. I have tried resetting to factory, reflashing, etc. It has to be something with this version of the firmware. It even eventually stops if I just use the MKV as an access point and don't do anything with clients. Runs for about 20 mins and then it stops routing, reboot and it's back for about 15-20 mins and then stops working again. Definitely frustrated. Hopefully somebody can figure out
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