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  1. The new release is awesome and has already a lot of nice features. Thankz for it Pineapple team!! I absolutly agree. This would be kewl! Seb could you tell us perhaps something about your plans please?
  2. Could somebody please explain to a newbie what's the goal / workings of this script and how to use it? It would be nice to have a little example step by step... ;-) Thank you in advance!
  3. Did you saw https://gist.github.com/xaitax/03601c36be8e22207b94 ? Could perhaps help? Just an answer but is there a roadmap for this feature?
  4. Sorry for beeing annoying, but do you have perhaps news about this features? Thanks in advance!
  5. Super, also nicht nur "kann", sondern sogar "bin"! Freut mich!
  6. Ist zwar OT, aber schon ganz schön cool zu lesen, dass Sebkinne Deutsch kann!
  7. Hi Sebkinne, Do you already know when this new feature will be available? Thank you for your precious work!
  8. Thanks again Chris. Could you tell me/us please where to find your tuts?
  9. Thank you Chris for this absolutely understandable and comprehensive explanation!
  10. Do you had already the time after defcon to tell us a little bit more about the role and the features of PineAp, Beacon and the Autoharvester? This would be great! Thank you in advance!
  11. Hi, first I would like to thank the whole team for such a cool stuff like the Pineapple Mark V! I allready read a lot and searched about informations, but I have some questions about things who are not clear to me. It would be great if someone could give me an answer! The first questions are about the network with the Mark V: If I understand it right, there are the following possibilities to connect the Mark V to an internal network: * client mode using wlan1 from the Mark V and a connection to a WIFI * bridged mode over a computer (Win/Linux/Mac) using the wlan1/lan connection of the Mark V * teathering mode over a device using the wlan1 from the Mark V Is this correct? And I understand further that the wlan0 from the Mark V is used only as an access point for the „victims“. Is this correct too? That's why the Mark V has two antenas? With the Mark IV there was only this possibility to make it a MITM: https://lh6.ggpht.co....png?imgmax=800 Right? The other questions are about some offered features: What exactly is the role of Karma? Discovering and simulating APs (Jasager/rogue)? What exactly is the role of PineAP? What is Dogma, the Beacon Response and the Auto Harvester? Are there some tutorials aside from the Youtube videos? Especialy concerning the features from the PineAP tab? Are there some detailed informations (more than the description on the Wiki) about the different infusions and their role/functionality? Sorry, I know that I ask a lot but some things might be clear for most of you but even after looking and searching arround, they aren't for me... shame Thank you in advance!
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