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  1. Hey, thanks for the reply. There is no external way to do a factory reset. Gonna try pairing two of these units later tonight to see if that will cause them to start any other services.. doubtful but it's all i got.
  2. Hey guys, could use some help with a couple of WN602's i got lying around that i want to try to turn into access points. Hooked one up like any other router and instantly found out they got no DHCP so had to find out the ip to access them ( Responds to ping on ( but web server is not running on the usual port 80 or 8080. So i decided to run Nmap to see if it would give any useful information about any services that might be running to get access to the router i had setup. Did not get much to go on, was rather suprised of the lack of services running on it. nmap -sS -Pn 135/tcp OPEN msrpc 2869/tcp OPEN icslap 49152/tcp OPEN unknown 49153/tcp OPEN unknown 49155/tcp OPEN unknown 49156/tcp OPEN unknown 49159/tcp OPEN unknown Visiting ( only results in a Error 503 page but atleast i've located what port the webserver is running on. So decided to run Httprint to see what webserver it was running to see if it was something i could exploit. Sadly it was blocked so i got no useful information what so ever. My guess at the moment it's running some version of ModSecurity which is blocking Httprint. ./httprint -h -s signatures.txt Finger Printing on Finger Printing Completed on ----------------------------------------------------------------- Host: Fingerprinting Error: Invalid response from server, check configuration... I can't find any information other then it seems WN602v2's are running OpenWRT Kamikaze 7.09 and it seems another guy on this forum has managed to get access to them (link) Since the guy in the the thread linked above did not include any details in just how he managed to access his WN602 i'm at a rather loss since i can't figure it out. Obvious thing would be to PM him, but according to his profile he has not been on for quite some time. If anyone can give any tips or information i'd be greatful. Thanks for any and all assistance. -- Phagerx1
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