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  1. These pictures don't answer the question: https://hakshop.myshopify.com/products/ominous-box-for-wifi-pineapple ?
  2. This was my experience with multiple units as well... My fix was to change the power adapter after I took a look at them on an O-Scope. ~L0G1C
  3. Ya... I'm not impressed with hak5 if this is true...
  4. Yaaa.. that doesn't sound right. I'd get in contact with hak5's returns/exchange department. ~L0G1C
  5. The only thing I can suggest/think of at this point is to reset/reflash to default configuration and beat the heck out of it in various ways and see if it tends to fail whenever CPU usage is high.. or eth0 traffic or.......... Always resetting to default will help troubleshoot though. ~L0G1C
  6. Yes.. the 3v/Vcc/Power pin... TX and RX will still need attached to RX and TX respectively. (And Ground...)
  7. Have you tried/been able to use the pineapple to do anything else without it crashing? What firmware are you on?
  8. See here: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/33215-changing-source-code-and-building-new-firmware/ As for via USB... no not really. You need a USB to 2v-3v TTL. ~L0G1C
  9. Just because the lights don't do what you expect doesn't mean it's not working. Have you tried connecting to the serial port? It's likely you have a console waiting for you... ~L0G1C
  10. How are you calling/startin wifite? Are you passing any parameters/arguments/switches? I know when I first installed it I think it was the -e (SSID) would cause wifite to crash 1-2 minutes into the process. ~L0G1C
  11. It sounds like you got a bad battery unit. I'd recommend contacting support@hak5.org so they can setup an exchange/return. ~L0G1C
  12. Did you try another 12v DC adapter from around the house? You'll need a DC (direct current), center positive and 2+ amps.. something like a external HD, computer speakers, maybe a printer power supply..
  13. I had a similar issue with 3 different MKV units. All of which were resolved with a better power source. I'd recommend anyone with these sorts of issues to first resort to the wall transformer that came with their MKV. If that doesn't resolve the issue I'd recommend finding another 12V adapter around the house/work that puts out 2+ amps OR a 12v battery. ~L0G1C
  14. Which radio are you using? You might try switching the configs around so that you are using the other wlan interface and see if the issue persists. ~L0G1C
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