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  1. OK I am terribly sorry... I just panicked and wasn't thinking at all ... The solution was fairly easy... So for anyone else that has a similar problem just set your ethernet static ip to and then set your last dip switch to down ... plug the ethernet cable to your pineapple, power it on, head over to and upload the factory.bin that you can find at wifipineapple.com/downloads/mk5/factory.bin Sorry again for my previous post I though I lost my precious pineapple Have a nice day
  2. Well...let's just say that I "accidentally" (it is because I am stupid) messed up the network configuration and although I tried accessing my pineapple via lan or wifi I can't get it to work(I can't access it via ssh or via http) ...Reset with dip switches does not seem to do anything with firmware 3.0.0... Long story short I think I bricked it(really really bad). Any Ideas ? Thanks
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