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  1. Hey, I updated to 1.1.0 stable and im having the same issue but no matter what I try The option to choose 2.4 or 5.8 will not appear. I feel its some script not functioning when the usb NIC is attached. Where is the script / code located that initiates the function of showing the image / choice in the UI? I dont know much about this so I probably ask wrong question. Thankyou
  2. Does the option to choose freq only appear after the ACM is attached or has it been there always? Also is the Beta version Im using exactly the same as yours? I have re installed this firmware as well as done a factory reset then upgrade to beta 2. In the changelog it says beta 3 but the version I download states v2. Edit: Fixed. I continued to reinstall firmware multiple times. I do not understand why it was different though.
  3. I hope this the correct place to post. Im on a fresh 1.1.0 beta 2021071418161. I purchased an awus036acm and I do have the ability to choose wlan3 in the recon device tab but it will not scan in 5ghz nor am I able to choose which frequency to scan with, ive read from another post that there is an option to choose frequencies but there is just no option for me only the scan toggle and time duration. I have tried clearing browser cache. Id be thankful for some assistance.
  4. That's amazing. I purchase a fair amount overseas and this is only the second time has a anyone been this willing to help with their own product. Many thanks. Should I request an exchange, or email shop@hak5.org? And Shipping took only 8 days from sale to my door.
  5. Sebkinne you have been extremely helpful, Thank you My big issue... I live in Australia
  6. Thanks. I can get in wirelessly but still not via Ethernet. with no internet conection All good now. Thank you very much! Do you know what may have happened? UPDATE: 20min later back to the way it was. Ill try the same again. I log in via wireless and after a couple of minutes the pineapple blue led starts blinking and I loose connection Turn off / Turn on, Connect wirelessly and after a couple of minutes it happens again. So I get on again, reboot and then I have ethernet connection working for a couple of minutes and the above happens as well. Any ideas?
  7. How do I The Unbricking says it was successful but when I try to IP over ethernet it wont connect Yes it does broadcast wireless Yes all the switches go up. The led pattern goes red, yellow, blue, blue, yellow, red pause, repeat very fast. How do I edit my post if necessary Thanks for your time its much appreciated.
  8. Altho I dont no how to check the md5? Running windows 8.1 (I having been trying Kali with a live usb but because I cant get the persistence to work I have given up for the time being)
  9. Thanks, I tried this one first, with no luck
  10. If this was for the factory reset, I tried it It was successful in reseting but just went back to the way is was, thanks though.
  11. Hi, I recieved my pineapple yesterday and it worked fine. I then performed an upgrade and still it was fine. I turned it on this morning and now it wont work. The blue light flahes fast and green light stays solid for 40 seconds or so then the blue light goes off and then it goes red, yellow, blue, yellow red really quick, repetedly. I have tried the flashing - and says it was successfull. I have tried the- https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/31637-micro-sd-unbrick-issue/ but am unsure of the stager file? Then tried the md5 and update on sd with switch 2 +3 down and it didnt work. It uses mains power, ethernet connect and chrome browser if this helps. Im totally new at this so please be nice.
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