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  1. If the router locks wps, wouldn't that show in the running code? Also thanks for the reply!
  2. I will continue to look into all that some more!
  3. I have been looking into that as much as I know how, but from what I can tell from the code, my router isn't actually locking the attack out? Or is that what the "WARNING: Receive Timeout Occurred" means? Thanks again!
  4. I am using many of those options already, and even though it's slow, I shouldn't take more that 14 hours max. If mine keeps up like this, it is estimating over 115 hours! I will look into more ways to speed it up as well. Thank you!
  5. So I'm not sure where to ask this, the mods at the Kali forums called this "general IT help" and deleted my question ha. Anyway, I've been playing around with Reaver again with my new router, and like the title says, can't seem to get any faster than 42-ish seconds per pin. The commands I used to even get it that 'fast' are as follows: Change my interface to same channel as router: iwconfig mon0 channel 1 Manually associate to my router: aireplay-ng -1 0 -a <router bssid> -h <my mac address, of mon0> -e <router essid> mon0 --ignore-negative-one
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