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  1. It's connected to the internet by wifi, but the device that I'd want to access will be connected by wired to the pineapple
  2. This might be a simple question to others but I have yet to figure this out. My goal is to be able to do the same thing that Darren was doing with the LAN Turtle on 'Episode 1824 – Introducing the LAN Turtle' but using the Wifi Pineapple instead. Right now, I want to be able to access all of my clients connected to my pineapple by using another device offsite connected by the vpn. The vpn is working on both ends but the only thing I was able to access was the pineapple device only, using the default ip address of, when when I try to connect to another device connected to the pineapple by using the vpn, I don't get any response. Also by using Fing on my tablet, the only device that would come up pinging would be the pineapple only (
  3. I don't know if this is a stupid easy question but I was wondering, is it possable to add a non-root user on the Pineapple Mark V. The reason why I want to be able to do this is to add another secure messure for when I have my SSH Tunnel set up to my server. For example, someone discovers my wifi pineapple and if they get my password from my Pineapple and SSH into it and then they would be able to SSH into my server without a password, that's what I am worried about since when they do, they have root privileges. Unless I am setting it up wrong... Any ideas?
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