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  1. Ok, I'm embarassed about this, but it's worth mentioning for anyone else in the future. My issue was my power supply - I had purchased the battery pack as well as the pineapple and had mistakenly used the battery pack power supply to power the pineapple. It doesn't provide enough juice for ethernet and radios so my device appeared to be faulty. On a good note, Darren was a champ and had swapped the device out for me the next day without any hesitation - he stated "...we take care of our customers" and he certainly does. I [unfortunately] realized my error after I got back to my hotel the next
  2. Bought a Mark V at DefCon yesterday. Took it to my room and booted it up; saw the SSID, logged in and changed the password - that was all initially. Today I had to change hotels, and decided I would try to upgrade to 2.0 firmware. However this time when I booted up, I get no ethernet connection to my laptop or a switch. Also, no SSID is seen, though the AR9331 LED lights up as if it is on. After messing around for a while, I decided to try the "unbricking" instructions on the website. With the DIP switches set to the appropriate mode (up, up, up, up, down), it boots and I get an ethernet conn
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