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  1. Darren, I think what is happening is this: The iPad will stay connected as long as the pineapple is already running with no mac addresses blacklisted and I connect to the Pineapple AP on the iPad. If I enter the mac in the blacklist, it stays connected, but if the iPad goes out of range, or I disconnect, and try to re-connect, I am blocked. If I reboot the pineapple, it keeps the mac in the blacklist, so the iPad can't connect once the pineapple is running (even if Karma is no longer running). This means that I cannot keep my iPad in the blacklist or I have no control of pineapple while deployed (from iPAD). Here is a section of the syslog: Here is the Karma-phy0.log Thaks again for your help...I'm trying to learn from the pros how to use the device to its potential
  2. I have searched through the forums and cannot find the answer, so I'm hoping that someone can help me solve this problem (or tell me it is how the system work) The pieces I am using: Pineapple - (Wlan0) in Access Point Mode Alfa awus036neh - (Wlan2) To connect in client mode to my home WiFi network iPad air - Connect to Pineapple AP to get to management GUI The Issue: I have been connecting without problems to the Pineapple management page through my iPad air. I cannot see the pineapple when I am connected to my home WiFi network. When I connect to the pineapple via the pineapples AP, I am able to access the GUI. I try to add the MAC address of the iPad to the Karma blacklist (in order to not spoof my iPad) but after I add it , I cannot access the GUI any longer. When using Karma it seems like (Wlan1) is down, so I can't use that. Is there a way to maintain control of the pineapple over WiFi while Karma is running (without hardwired tether)? Thanks for any help!
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