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  1. Who said I wasn't providing internet thesugarat? I had my android tethered to it so Internet WAS provided. I checked my phone and the people who conneted used about 120mb. Truth is though, I am fairly new at this but I did search for email, pass, login, signin, @, etc. before I came and made my orginal post. Thats why I though I might not be reading it right, or might have to enable another infusion or command at the same time. And I didn't think you were trying to insult me. I was just explaining why I went for a bus ride because you asked me why the bus ride was necessary and I was only ans
  2. Cheers for responding guys, I suppose I shouldn't have mentioned the bus ride and walk around the city. People tend to use their phones a lot on the bus and many peeps get on and off. All of whom I had permission to test my pineapple on of course. There were about 40 people who connected and browsed during my 30 minute voyage, so the log was LONG. I'm going to do some more testing at home as thesugarat suggested, just to get a feel of the infusion. On that note, does anyone else feel like a hippie saying the word infusion all the time? That word gets thrown around a lot these days, from iced
  3. I tried to link to a tutorial after "I read...." but clearly it did not work for some reason and has made me look like an incompetant fool. Well, like more of an incompetant fool than I appeared to be already.
  4. I just flashed the new firmware and downloaded sslsplit on my pineapple. I started it and then went for a bus ride, and a walk around the city. When I got home I opened up the log file and I can see a lot of information like this- 2014-08-15 11:38:00 UTC ssl []:46824 []:443 sni:- crt:google.com/google.com/*.2mdn.net/*.android.com/*.appengine.google.com/*.au.doubleclick.net/*.cc-dt.com/*.cloud.google.com/*.de.doubleclick.net/*.doubleclick.com/*.doubleclick.net/*.fls.doubleclick.net/*.fr.doubleclick.net/*.google-analytics.com/*.google.ac/*.google.ad/*.google.ae/*.go
  5. Man, Cooper you have good taste. You have mentioned one of my fave movies. Battle Royale is brilliant and the only foreign film I have managed to get my brother to sit and watch, and he loves it. Sadly Battle Royale II was total kak. The storyline was made of stront and there was no character development done by the kut who wrote it. The action wasnt bad though. But in the original the characters reacted to the situation quite realistically and I actually felt sad or happy when they died, depending on who it was. Number two had none of that. Well, honestly I did feel bad a few times when someo
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