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  1. The Hak5 team is not blameless. They shamelessly still advertise their product by giving the impression (watch the video on uni.wifipineapple.com) that the PA can, as easily as Darren makes it look, capture Facebook passwords. False advertising... if you cannot see or accept that... you are choosing to turn a blind eye to it (or you have a financial interest in Hak5). I think my complaint about that was justified... and I am not alone. Moving forward... you did not answer any of my questions. I'd happily listen to any advice and I'm more than happy to learn on my own... I'm just asking for a
  2. Cycling, why are you selling the mkV? I'm a little disappointed with mine... hopefully next month brings some ground-breaking infusions to light.
  3. Let me, properly, start my own thread (instead of hijacking). Here's my setup: Wifi PineApple setup with PineApple juice 6800... wlan1 connected as client to public wifi and wlan0 rebroadcasting as AP... trying to MITM with Karma and SSL Strip running. Here's my issue: it doesn't capture hardly ANYTHING! I do some some entries enter SSL Strip's log (it's working)... it just will NOT strip the SSL from Facebook, Gmail, all sorts of useful sites! The first video on uni.wifipineapple.com is VERY misleading - if not a downright scam. Correct me if I'm wrong... but stripping SSL from Facebook
  4. And now I'm reading, in other topics, that SSLStrip simply doesn't work with many modern browsers. Am I doing everything correctly... and just limited by new securities? (The tutorial on getting FB logins seems a little, if not blatantly, misleading.) What about capturing login info from iPads, iPhones, Androids... is that something that'll work with my current setup, or no? Thank you, anyone, who cares to shed some light on my 3 posts.
  5. (I mistyped - when I said 'public area' I was referring to a group of test subjects that have consented to such wireless data capturing.) OK... my pineapple is not connected to my computer via ethernet. I have my laptop connected to the pineapple's SSID (well, now I just connected to the SSID put out by Karma). I can browse the internet (reconfirmed that I AM connected to the pineapple's SSID... called 'freeWIFI'). I am also connected to the pineapples UI and running SSLStrip... looking at the log... I see one entry (it looks like it's from Avast... has a bunch of diamond-encompassed question
  6. Will this same process work for man in the middle attacks by connecting to a network in client mode via wlan1... and will it automatically rebroadcast the signal to wlan0 (let's say, using Karma and SSLStrip)? My question, simply put: I've watched tutorials on how to share the internet from my laptop... but what about connecting to a nearby wifi network with the pineapple and then disconnecting the laptop... having the battery pack hooked up... and walking around the public area letting the pineapple do it's thing (with the tunnel to the active wireless network still functioning)... will that
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