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  1. Great question. I'm pretty sure it gets a 192.168.1.x address. Which is what my router would assign.
  2. I can't even figure out what IP address my pineapple has on my primary network. o_O It doesn't show up in my router's interface. It doesn't show up in an nmap scan from my primary network. It doesn't even show up when I connect to the pineapple's network and do a tracert. It's like it's operating in some sort of stealth mode or something, just passing the traffic through to the main router. And like I said in my OP, I can't connect to the 172 address when I connect to the pineapple's AP either. I have found no way whatsoever to access the pineapple once I plug it into my router.
  3. How would I go about getting an internet connection through my main router via Ethernet, while still being able to access the management interface over the wlan0 interface? With the default config, booting the pineapple with it connected to the router does give me Internet access over the pineapple's wlan0 wifi network. However, I can't reach
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