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  1. You don't use "." in front of an absolute path. That makes no sense. The period tells the shell to look for the file in your current directory, not that you want to execute it. Try this stuff without a period.

    So I found this other thread in the forums that makes a suggestion (https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/32753-trouble-running-stuff-in-background-dip-switches/?hl=%2Bshell+%2Bscript+%2Bdip+%2Bswitch#entry246037). The command fields may be weird and not accept a command that calls a script directly. In the thread I linked to there is a suggestion that one should try echoing the command like so:

    echo "./root/pine-ap-start.sh"


    echo "./root/pine-ap-start.sh" | at now

    This seems ridiculous to me but it's worth a shot to try everything.

    I also should have mentioned this before but try changing your script to /bin/bash instead of /bin/ash. Just a thought...

  2. Following the example on the wiki results in an almost completely broken infusion. After typing it all in myself, I tried literally copying and pasting the contents of all three of the files from the wiki, with exactly the same results. Clicking on the refresh button does nothing, as in no notification, and no refresh of the DNSSpoof status. The DNSSpoof checking itself however does work correctly.

    Entering and submitting some text in the large view results in a redirect to a broken webpage. I've attached a screenshot.
    I assume this is because the wiki's content is out-of-date, and that it worked at one time. What changed, and how do we make it work?
    P.S. Does this topic belong in the main Pineapple forum instead of the infusion forum?


  3. I ran into what I think is this exact thing yesterday! It was extremely weird. I had two clients connected to the Pineapple, but it had given them IP addresses in two different ranges, one in my home network's range (as if the pineapple wasn't even there and it was just passing everything through), and the other in the Pineapple's normal range. What's more is that the one that had the home network's IP address couldn't connect to the Pineapple, but could connect to the internet, while the client in the Pineapple's IP range could connect to the Pineapple but not the internet.

    I fixed this with a couple of reboots. Still not sure what was going on. I'd love to hear what IP addresses your Pineapple is giving out right now.

  4. Like any tool designed for man-in-the-middle usage, sslstrip will only work if your victim's traffic is going through (in this case) the Pineapple, whatever method you may choose to make that happen. The client doesn't technically have to connect to the Pineapple's access point if you're using a different man in the middle technique, such as ARP Cache Poisoning. Having the victim connect directly to the Pineapple is kind of the point though, and it is the best way. Since it's your home network, why can't you just connect the client to the Pineapple?

  5. I would like to point out, that you can manage the pineapple from the open default "pineapple" network. its just default set to hidden.

    You're right, my bad.

    Hey guys,

    I think you have already answered my question. I was assuming that wired client mode was possible before the current firmware update. I will just give this update a try and see if that solves it. Thanks though for all your input!



    Oh, you were trying to connect to the pineapple through your home wifi. Note that wired client mode is NOT the default. You'll have to log into the pineapple directly via ethernet or through its own access point to set that up.

  6. also id like to note, as I've posted in the past, I don't think my pineapple has ever functioned the way it should of since I've taken it out of the box. in the sense that even with an external USB rtl8187 would only reach about 4mb max on a 30mb network. as goes with the internal rtl8187.

    See this thread: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/32638-supported-high-throughput-client-mode-radios/?p=251465. You're not the only one. We should file a bug report or something.

  7. Smart-aswood I just don't understand how some are reaching easily 5x the amount of throughput than us? I have a suspicion that maybe was sold a defective device maybe? As its allways been as such for me. about 4 days ago I bought a powered usb hib to maybe see of the case was that the external wifi wasn't getting enough power. And nope, problem still remains exactly the same. And yes, it is a genuine alfa with the hologram sticker and all

    He's probably getting better throughput because he used an ethernet connection to his laptop. Look at my previous post in this thread, the problems only seem to come up when the pineapple is acting as both the wifi hotspot and the wifi client for the connection.

  8. Which firmware version are you using? In the new version released 2 days ago (2.1.0), the pineapple cannot be managed from the open access point for victims to connect to. Instead, there is an option to have a second, encrypted access point for the purpose of management. Your other option is to connect to your home wifi, and to navigate to the pineapple's IP address on your network.

    EDIT: Of course you're using 2.1.0, that's the only version that supports Ethernet client mode out of the box, which you're using.
  9. Hi Guys,

    I went out and purchased the AWUS036NEH. I'm still not entirely convinced the AWUS036NEH solves the problem.

    Here's what i did.

    Setup a hotspot on my Android Galaxy S3 broadcasting on channel 1.

    Connected directly to Android hotspot from desktop PC with these results:


    I then immediately ran the same speed test, again from my desktop PC which is now connected to my pineapple over the air and configured in client mode to connect to the Android hotspot.

    Note: pineapple SSID is broadcasting on channel 6 and the hotspot is still running on channel 1.


    What am i doing wrong?

    Yes!! I did a very similar test, and got very similar results. The difference is that I did more extensive testing and found that the speed issues went away when either of the connections from/to the pineapple was via ethernet instead of wifi.

  10. Sorry guys, it got lost up during the defcon dev cycles. It's in the pipeline and will be available soon.

    Best Regards,



    You really want a pentest box sitting on your internal network? After the recent exploit? buy a freakin adapter they are like ten bucks.

    I just got my alfa whatever the hell it is replacement dongle today. The one they said would fix the slow connection speeds? HOLY CRAP it is showing networks I've never seen before. Absolutely you want this thing. It's in the hak5 shop, like $20 or something. Buy that. Leave your internal network internal. $0.02

    I have that adapter, and I agree, it's totally awesome, at least when I plug it into my laptop. But I'm getting a major slowdown when I use it with the pineapple and then connect to the pineapple via wifi. I don't really get your point about leaving your internal network internal though. Whether it's via ethernet or wifi, we're still talking about connecting the pineapple to another network. Same basic deal.

  11. I don't think I've changed anything that would cause that behavior. And I don't get that behavior when I connect the pineapple to my main network via wifi. When I do that, I can access the admin interface from either the main network or the pineapple's wifi, and connecting to the pineapple's wifi gives me a proper 172 address.

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