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  1. Wifi Cowboy, yes I have set wlan3 like my own AP with WPA 2-PSK. Thank you very much for that hint :) I have two extra wireless radios in a USB multi-adapter.
  2. Sometimes you need to perform again the formatting. Do it and reboot your pineapple, if it doesn't work, format your MicroSD to fat or ext4 with external program in your PC.
  3. You aren't the only. I have this issue and can't get a working ettercap with sslstrip and even without it. I just get eliminate the error message from SSL dissection and was making all your tips, with a simple installation I was getting that error and losing Internet. EDIT: Ok, i forget to set echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward , everytime ettercap it's ON this value change. It's necessary to set this value each time.
  4. Thank you Urieal, I was reading and making all your steps and now my ettercap doesn't show 'SSL dissection needs a valid ‘redir_command_on', but still losing internet connection. I run ettercap with sslstrip, i will try only sslstrip and ettercap alone, and see if there is a problem running both. EDIT: There is a strange issue with ettercap definitely... I run sslstrip alone, and works perfect, with 80% speed loading webs. Then run ettercap alone and doesn't work. Running both, obviously not. After that, change UID and GID again to 65534 and reboot it. Try sslstrip alone, perfect. Try ettercap, works with a slow connection. Running both, loads more slowly and then, lose internet again... I think if there is a problem with ettercap alone or also with sslstrip's compatibilities. EDIT2: I forgot to set echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward, setting this now i have working ettercap+sslstrip perfectly. Also change again UID and GID to 0.
  5. My problems was solved alone :/, i don't know why but it's working fine
  6. When i run ettercap the victim lose his connection, i get this error from ettercap: Tried this: But when i change it, ettercap still with the message: I think it's a firmware issue because i test it with a reseting pineapple. I still losing my connection and without sniff nothing.
  7. Ok, i test it and i know that pineapple do it automatically.
  8. But... Is there a way to use Wlan2 like my default AP and use it for reconnaissance and PineAP? Because I want to use Wlan0 like and secure AP only for me, and wlan2 (who have more strength) like an open AP. And... If I run dnsspoof and evil portal, from this AP this tools will working fine and can it get information from this AP?
  9. Sorry Whistle Master :-P Ok, I will run it and summit here log's information.
  10. I tried to contact with Legend, the creator in the infuion's thread but haven't answer yet. And... Did they say a day for release?
  11. Hello, I have a strange issue... I run Deauth, with mdk3 method, and when it starts in the output says "Deauth is not running". Here a few captures: mon0 for it's the monitor from Wlan2. Here my infusions running: And my infusion's configuration: I don't know why is this. Before this issue i was running Deauth with few problems, like pineapple rebooting (with the battery Juice 6800mAh) and not deauthing clients. Hope someone can help me.
  12. Hi everyone, I will buy a Kit WiFi with these elements: Antenna Yagi 25dBi+AWUS036NH 2W... So i was thinking about create a Super Access Point, wich will be available from many many metres from my house and test how far can i go with that toy... So the question is: can i use wlan2 like an access point from my pineapple? If it's posible, how can i?
  13. Thanks i will try it now ;) Hahaha, don't worry, i deleted the old post :D EDIT: Ok, now it's fixed! Thanks newbi3.
  14. Wow!!! Amazing! Actually I have: - Wlan0 like an AP. - Wlan1 for deauth. - Wlan2 for Client mode. I'm using: PineAP+dnsspoof+evil portal+deauth. This is my ideal configuration, but first I need to solve a issue with deauth, because it isn't working for me.
  15. The code it's too long and can't post it here... But without a deep view console says: I have a saved portal called Chris H. Portal... So i suppose it's aiming that.
  16. Yes, of course. Will be portals with fine working. Just for give examples for people ;)
  17. Yes!!! Perfect!! Awesome captive portal Now i have two working portals more, if newbi3 want i can post it in the infusion thread.
  18. Hi newbi3, i need your help. When i click on "Dev preview", "View Code" or "Activate" on my saved portals nothing happends, it only works "Delete" option. Why it doesn't work?
  19. Amazing!!!! Thanks pax0r. Later I will download it and summit mine here. Also y have another portal in process.
  20. Yes! That was what all i need! Thanks man! Now this code will help me for another captive portals!
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