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  1. I m now facing this issue did you ever get it sorted.?
  2. Sadly this is a known issue, as far as I know nothing has been fixed or will, been struggling my self with it.
  3. How are you connected to the internet ?
  4. You will need to connect it to the internet?
  5. Did you see install instructions on first post Module installation for NANO: opkg update && opkg --dest sd install install git git-http cd /sd/modules/ git clone https://github.com/n3d-b0y/PMKIDAttack.git PMKIDAttack chmod +x -R /sd/modules/PMKIDAttack/scripts´╗┐
  6. Have you tried a firmware recovery? https://www.wifipineapple.com/pages/faq#collapseSix
  7. There only us shipping also. Guess i will just have to keep looking around.
  8. Funny enough I just watched the video from recon to pineAP and @Darren Kitchen says that he would talk about a couple of other things in later videos I'm guessing they never happened, he mentioned the tracking option and the beacon response options I can't find much on these.
  9. You can't attack anything untill your on the network so you need to start there.
  10. Attack the network there connected to and go from there.
  11. Thanks for looking but they don't ship to the UK either. Found a couple of others but shipping makes it a crazy price and hardly worth it. Surely there's better version now.
  12. I just found that on ebay, crazy price who are they kidding. I have other Anker ones but there to big, i have searched google and doesn't seem to be available in the UK sadly.
  13. I use amazon who doesnt lol but the battery you posted isnt on there.
  14. They don't ship to the UK and not on amazon sadly.
  15. Can somebody point me in the direction of a decent battery pack for the nano that will fit in the edc pouch sold on hak5 I was pointed in the direction of this but it doesn't fit on the case I was told.
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