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  1. RT @NSA_PR: Wow, the #DEFCON Goons are strong! And they REALLY don't like their picture being taken.

  2. This is an HD display I saw on Kickstarter that is being built for PI. It is just 9 inches, but might be worth considering. Not sure on the power side, but might be a project that complements yours, or someone else's. http://hdmipi.com https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/697708033/hdmipi-affordable-9-high-def-screen-for-the-raspbe I like the idea of keeping the profile as small as possible, and agree wood equipment boxes tend to have the most issues with heat. I have used several mobile wireless survey kit boxes over the past year for a third party, which consisted of a pelican case, and a couple false plates inside to hide most of the static equipment/wires and a lot of 3G/4G/LTE antennas (one for each major carrier). It also included a Netbook with linux which was the only peace vizible besides the antennas. In this case there was no battery, just a hidden powers trip to plugin. Also your want to make sure all your cables and ends are secured during transient. Nothing like turning on the box and having nothing happen, something I've had happen to kits like these.
  3. Love my no contract smartphone from @republicwirelss. #WiFi + Cell = awesome. Get $20 off now! http://t.co/SQ1AOg5ALK


  5. RT @Incapsula_com: #Update: Five Behemoth scrubbing servers deployed. (LA, San Jose, London, Frankfurt & Miami) http://t.co/HYFq6uPfDV

  6. RT @kevinmitnick: Here's a shirt to wear through TSA:https://t.co/sWFvpupIpU

  7. Just a video having fun cracking a password game at a conference a few months back. I had permission. Used a simple script to generate all the syntax around 10,000 of the most common passwords on the internet. Basically enter password -> Enter -> Delay -->Delete password (incase it failed) --> enter next password The passwords were being entered faster then safari could handle, after unplugging the ducky it was still going for a long while.
  8. RT @PatrickCMiller: Hedge Fund Hacked In Complex Attack - Business Insider http://t.co/J1DSjtSINQ

  9. Nice, I'll try that one out. Still like the interface on NetSpot Pro better so far, but probably because I'm not limited to a screenshot. I'm thinking of limiting to no heatmap, but simply an alert system when a new AP BSID is detected in the area. Then I'd go out inspect tare AP from wall or whitelist the AP as authorized. This way I'm not getting into too much trouble with the FCC deuth attacking every other WAP in the local area. Maybe call the Infusion the Wifi Tripwire or something.
  10. RT @WIRED: Why Tesla just gave all of its patents away to competitors http://t.co/JKStQduEpv

  11. Still picturing APs being pulled from the walls at high velocity with network cables ripping through the sheetrock. Yeah not so much for take downs, but just to assist with figuring out about where the Rouge APs might be. In a world where every smart phone can be a hot spot, and cheap portable MiFi type devices I know this might be a losing battle for some. On the other hand, in some industries they are actually requiring us to start looking out for access points that might be used to bypass network security controls. The systems I have see use multiple APs to provide the coverage, Usually with the help of a scaled map on the centralized system you can then collect the date from these APs as well as their location on the map to identify where other APs might be located in the building and setting boundaries. Now with multiple floors, and knowing how wireless signals bounce around, I would be careful on the deauth side of the house. In this having good coverage and a number of detection AP's would probably increase the accuracy of detection. But would be an interesting project. I have been using NetSpot Pro http://www.netspotapp.com, on my Mac pro to accomplish this manually. It is just a snapshot in time, but the resulting wifi heat map is very helpful in identifying the noise and coverage issues. I got my license for $29 last month.
  12. Security awareness education for kids is the best approach. Better to teach kids younger to be street smart on the net. Especially about avoiding things like sexting (which can also be considered child pornography if under 18), online criminal activity, and just being a good cyber citizen. Also consider monitoring like training wheels, it is better and more understandable for younger kids to have a sandbox type security on mobile devices, then lessen restrictions as they get older. Set the groundwork and internet rules, then it becomes more of self-discipline. If they can't handle it then don't give or allow you kids to own mobile devices until they can. Make them earn it and they will respect it. Otherwise your setting them up for failure, as your kids will most likely use other mobile devices or bypass restrictions, monitoring as stated before. They need to learn to respect technology or it will own them.
  13. Was just curious if anyone has ever tried to use the WiFi Pineapple, or several of them to try and detect any rogue WAPs in the building? I have seen this in commercial WiFi products, but would find this as a cheap solution if I could use a few of these in a building, and feeding into a central management system. Then basically have the option to send deauthentication packets as needed by adding them to the jammer blacklist. Might be a little much for the pineapple but thought I would check. The key might be having a centralized management. Systems like these are becoming a requirement for some institutions. Wouldn't mind trying to put together such a system if it seems possible and useful for the rest of the community.
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