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  1. RT @hak5darren: Never expected a blog. var customer.svc > $ "@snehaldasari: @hak5darren http://t.co/EkwzxcnU3Z - Thanks :)" /cc @peacesandl

  2. RT @HighTechBill: Hacker exploits printer Web interface to install, run #Doom http://t.co/eepJKkPMVBcc @AndyMalone @hak5darren @shwood#fb

  3. RT @WIRED: The mathematics of Ebola -- act now or regret it http://t.co/U6yHRdIQ19

  4. RT @InfosecEditor: #Yahoo Threatened with $250K/Day #NSA Non-Compliance Fine http://t.co/2mztnJO8ga

  5. Here’s How Easily Someone Can Steal Your ATM Pin Code Without You Noticing And How To Prevent This From Happening http://t.co/snIsgbIpCE

  6. RT @MarkMathson: This speaks volumes. Always be testing. (h/t @larrykim) #ux #cro http://t.co/ES9auPwTom

  7. RT @briankrebs: Exclusive: Home Depot Hit by Same Malware as Target http://t.co/1aS7LOJO4H

  8. RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Your _birthday_ is literally less distributed, less communicated, and thus more confidential than your credit card det…

  9. RT @SwiftOnSecurity: The difficulty with predictions on the future are the assumptions people use to make them. It's a fundamental, constan…

  10. Love my no contract smartphone from @republicwirelss. #WiFi + Cell = awesome. Get $20 off now! http://t.co/lOXY6O0Dkv

  11. Just think of the Wireless DDoS to a device, from a consultant, that has been traveling and using hundreds of APs a year stumbles upon a PineAP that suddenly lights it up with Beacons and management frames for every AP it has ever connected to. I was demonstrating the Pineapple with just Karma a few months ago, before our auditors conducted a wireless pentest. Should have seen their faces when their laptops and phones connected within seconds, let just say they will never look at hotel wireless the same again. Dogma looks like it might also conserve your pineapple and the airwaves a bit, as it will focus on just the target device or device type.
  12. Yes you can still manage your pineapple over Wifi and connect one of your wifi adapters, preferably your Alfa for internet speed to your client network via the Client network link. For the SD Card you will need to go to Resources -> USB Info -> Format SD Card. If you don't see it right away after the format try a fresh reboot. I recommend watching some of the earlier Hak5 Episodes late 2013 that cover some creative ways to use the Pineapple router, but will also help you with some of the other network and wireless configuration options.
  13. Tacking on a external usb wifi, might be the best bet for wifi ...redacted... as you can also better control your arena or lack of one to give you better results. Any light touchscreen ultrabooks work good with Kali?
  14. RT @0xFF6573: Watch out germany! There's a new duck in town! @Snubs @Hak5darren http://t.co/ECvgOeUqNW

  15. RT @windowsserver: #WinServ 2003 support ends July 2015- Takes 300+ days to migrate servers & apps. #LeadITnow http://t.co/R7SSZzLKD9 http:…

  16. Malware is getting pretty good at keeping its grip on the victims computer. In the end I always recommend a factory reimage.

  17. Not sure how I missed this one. Looks pretty neat, and supposed to get up to 20 minutes of flight time even with a GoPro attached, but can hold other payloads. GPS waypoints, and follow me mode sounds pretty cool as well. Was a kickstarted, and they claim to have made it hackable, but does not look open source like our friends. Great ideas, even with the FAA crackdown it will be interesting to see what this all goes. https://www.thepocketdrone.com/store/checkout?cart=53fac793285fd
  18. That would be pretty interesting would have to get me one of those. Could be walking around seeing mobile devices access points as you walk, drive, or ride. remotely triggering attacks, and viewing results. Having the Yagi out, and looking like a wifi terminator, or the pie piper of wifi clients. By the way how many hours can you get with your Glass before recharging?
  19. That was pretty funny. better then the DEFCON version, first 4 minutes pretty entertaining. :D I do a lot of live streaming so pretty understandable.
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