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  1. @davidhogg111 Good, time to stop the cyber bullying and find a way to connect to reality. Use real facts and stop c… https://t.co/W9ajlQk3rD

  2. @Snubs Hak5 makes me smile :D

  3. #solarcoinmeme nsy-21243173256 @solcrypto https://t.co/7majqAx0vQ

  4. 14.6Kw Solar Array https://t.co/7GEOYLL0mL

  5. A Pineapple Duo I'm having endless hours of fun with. @hak5darren @Hak5 remember to pineapple responsibly... http://t.co/vK0nWLurO4

  6. Back from @_defcon_ and a family road trip to California. Got a little too much sun but fired up about information security.

  7. Don't worry about passwords ever again, sign up for @LastPass now! https://t.co/wLT8MhaA06

  8. Here’s How Easily Someone Can Steal Your ATM Pin Code Without You Noticing And How To Prevent This From Happening http://t.co/snIsgbIpCE

  9. I Just Entered @RedmondPie iPhone X Giveaway. Details Here: https://t.co/n9aESnVpZQ #RPiPhoneX #iPhoneX

  10. I'm raising money for Ben Cardelli’s Cabin Build. Click to Donate and learn why: https://t.co/ExzBo5w7vR via @gofundme

  11. Love my no contract smartphone from @republicwirelss. #WiFi + Cell = awesome. Get $20 off now! http://t.co/lOXY6O0Dkv

  12. Love my no contract smartphone from @republicwirelss. #WiFi + Cell = awesome. Get $20 off now! http://t.co/SQ1AOg5ALK

  13. Malware is getting pretty good at keeping its grip on the victims computer. In the end I always recommend a factory reimage.

  14. RT @ajlobster: Banking tips https://t.co/8Q90f056EZ

  15. RT @BernardMcCarty: The story behind @SolarCoin_SLR Christmas Appeal for @SolarAId is now up! Details on how you can help the amazing @Sol…

  16. RT @MalwareJake: When IT tells you "the patch is incompatible with our legacy software. But don't worry, we've mitigated the risk with a 'c…

  17. RT @_defcon_: UPCOMING DEF CON DATES: #defcon 23 July 30-August 2, 2015. #defcon 24 August 4-7, 2016. #savethedate

  18. RT @0xFF6573: Watch out germany! There's a new duck in town! @Snubs @Hak5darren http://t.co/ECvgOeUqNW

  19. RT @briankrebs: Exclusive: Home Depot Hit by Same Malware as Target http://t.co/1aS7LOJO4H

  20. RT @briankrebs: It's Patch Tuesday again, peeps! Critical fixes for Flash, Windows, Adobe Reader. Patch 'em if you got 'em. http://t.co/95T…

  21. RT @HackingDave: Seriously @kaspersky - El Machete Chinese related coding and APT? It’s freaking SET, that’s my code. https://t.co/7DZLkdjU…

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