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  1. I have an issue with ICS. I use a external usb alfa 036NHA for internet connection. Everything works fine- on pineapple network tab there is internet connection and so on. But when I want to make client connection via pineapple AP, there is no internet connection on my device. Of course AP is on wlan0 and i was using ICS sharing on the wifi manager tab. When i am using eth0 for my internet connection, even without any setup in ICS tab, everything is working fine.
  2. My idea is simple, and i think its even possible :). We plug in to our wifi pineapple simple, generic bluetooth dongle, we connect via special cooked infusion with android phone. Within our reach we have tethered internet connection and tethered gps receiver. The are endless applications- wifi quasi triangulation by making maps with signal strength (color type), tracking client devices, wifi bluetooth interface etc. Of course i have no idea how to do it, but for the first stage there is a need for some driver on router, and of course some bluetooth manager with correct infusion. What do you think about it? (sorry for my pure eng)
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