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  1. @ThisIsRobThomas this pic would be better with you in it! https://t.co/wWihFkn1QY

  2. Every 1 to 2 minutes there is a new winner on @luckydayapp! #luckyday https://t.co/u5NpgY4hDG

  3. RT @ZanderFromNola: Local #Republicans endorse #Democrat Obama lackey #NOLA ! http://t.co/Ali89SnZAU .@LPLNOLA .@Samuel4Congress #Libertar

  4. Anyone know where to go for Linux guides? I think I followed the windows guide a while back but not sure. I wanna start from the beginning and only have a windows machine
  5. Which is a "Mark" X ? I was being investigated for fraud because I was stealing cards from people who stole cards. I then spent my time calling the card companies and reporting the cards stolen. Unlucky for me the site I used to do this whiteknight shit was an FBI sting site. (15 year old me learned his lesson)
  6. I had my Pineapple taking away by FEDS not long after I bought it years ago. Never got to play with it before then. I have a serious need for it now and I need to get it running. it looks like this one - http://www.my80211.com/storage/jasagerv2.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1270406120942 Can someone point me in the right direction for firmware ...etc for that model?
  7. Can't see anything there I can put into RSSOwl. Thanks though. I think I just use a hacky RSS feed of the youtube.
  8. I searched on site an on forum before making this thread. I finally got RSSOwl and wanted to add Hak5 to the list. Having a bit of trouble finding a feed.
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