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  1. Hello Friends ! pls help me in this regard : Hi ! I am currently using Metasploit and Smartphone Pentesting Framework by bulb security : http://www.bulbsecurity.com/smartpho...est-framework/ for spying Smartphones. I want to know whether they are enough to accomplish what I am trying to do : 1) Call Logs delivered remotely 2) SMS record 3) Get Contacts 4) Photos, Video's and Other Files 5) View all the apps used and when 6) History of Chat transcripts on whats app, skype e.t.c 7) Remotely control microphone, record and recieve recordings 8) Remotely control the camera I need to be able to all that for both iphone and android phones. Are the mentioned tools enough for an average security configuration or am I missing some powerful or popular tools to accomplish my goals.
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