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  1. Finally had some time to look into this, only seeing two options a custom backend script(s) based off wpa_supplicant, potentially an extension of the current WiFi manager or wicd. So i got wicd running wicd-cli and mostly working wicd-curses (crashes a little). More testing to be done like wifi hand off and fstab not always mounting /sd and removing bloat build directory is 30MB+ plus the opkg installs. Will reset and try a cleaner install after some testing. Running on boot with rc.d wicd- + revision 835 curses_misc.py urwid-1.2.1 dbus-python dbus dbus-utils python-gobject python-ncurses net-tools-route babel-1.3 (probably not needed, if English only on urwid) setuptools-5.4 (not needed if babel isn't)
  2. Goals: Be able to save multiple wifi AP credentials Be able to prioritize based off availability As far as I can tell this functionality does not exist in the pineapple yet and looking for any info on what backend process or manager would be installable and work well to make an Infusion with.
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