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  1. Here you can find the Turkish (Q) Layout tr(q) layout
  2. I also had this problem before. Although SD card seems to work fine (no problems in quick format but not possible to perform full format) it wasn't. I changed it and everything was ok then.
  3. I prepared this payload for a kind of a social engineering test. It basically changes the idle text of the SIP phone to whatever you want. The payload may not work in the older firmware versions of 1140e. //idle text has a limit of 24 chars max. REM This payload changes the idle screen text REM of the Nortel/Avaya 1140E SIP phone DELAY 1000 ESC DELAY 150 CTRL F4 DELAY 150 CTRL F4 DELAY 150 CTRL F2 DELAY 200 STRING 1 DELAY 200 STRING 2 DELAY 200 BACKSPACE REPEAT 24 DELAY 300 REM Some delay between words. Phone isn't as fast as rubber ducky STRING You DELAY 100 STRING are DELAY 100 STRING in DELAY 100 STRING trouble DELAY 250 CTRL F1 DELAY 150 ESC I believe similar payloads can be written for the Cisco phones.
  4. Ok, I will help you on that as soon as I have time. I search at Google Images for "Spanish keyboard layout" and came with several different keyboard layouts. Does the following correct?
  5. I saw that there is a binary-ASCII conversion of netcat. Which tool may I use to convert other .exe files? I feel really lazy to write my own tool.
  6. I've received my Rubber Ducky few hours ago and wrote a layout file for the Turkish-Q keyboard. However, there are still some chars that needs to be add. As far as I see the missing chars are available in ISO_8859_3 (such as A9 hex) On the other hand, the encoder seems to be support only ISO 8859-1. Is there any way to use chars. in 8859-3 or any possible future implementation on the encoder. I would be happy to contribute.
  7. Yesterday, I did that. Now, I am waiting for a response. I'll share it if I got response.
  8. I also ordered a rubbery ducky but received an out of stock message with the refund information of my payment. Although, it seems that is is available in the hakshop, it isn't.
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