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  1. I know you mention you're using Ubuntu but I'm 99.9% sure that the TL-WN722N works just fine with Kali 1.0.6/7, without any special driver installs. I have the TL-WN722N on my Pwnie PwnPad but I used it on my Kali laptop once when I left my Alfa's at the office. Could you just boot a live CD of Kali and use that, might be easier?
  2. I just put a 32GB Sandisk Ultra class 10 in mine a couple of days ago, though I haven't really done anything with it yet other than install 1.4.0 and some infusions. I have the same card in my Galaxy S2, though I didn't do any research or testing when I chose these. It was mainly down to what was cheap and had good reviews on Amazon!
  3. I was lucky, I was just checking a few tweets before going to sleep and saw the live stream was on, so watched it on my phone in bed. 1.4.0 is now installed on mine without issue, certainly seems to be faster but I haven't had chance to do much testing with it yet. Thanks all.
  4. Yeah UK as well. I wasn't having a dig, yes I agree that the BBC can be extremely biased and selective on their reporting. I only saw that Blackshades report as I'd heard about it on Twitter and specifically went into their technology section to look for it, if the story had some link to the Royal Family or involved a B-list celebrity I'm sure it would have been front page news.
  5. The BBC did report this, though it wasn't headline news exactly. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-27471218 17 UK folks arrested.
  6. Cool thanks Darren, I was going to buy a new 036 anyway so I'll wait and get the Hak5 branded one. :)
  7. Aw crap, I bought that exact same Yagi on Ebay last week. My findings are less scientific but when I put mine onto my Alfa AWUS051NH with airmon-ng it made no noticable improvement over the standard omni antenna that came with it.
  8. I haven't played for about a year, but I used to play for years ever since it was first launched. For about the last year I was playing I did quite a bit using a bot from 'honorbuddy', I used it to lvl several characters up to lvl90 but most of my old guild buddies had quit playing and it just wasn't the same. Plus these days I'm much busier with life/work/family, and hacking is more entertaining. :)
  9. Good question, I was wondering this. I want to label the antenna ports on mine WLAN0 and WLAN1 but I can't see in the documentation which is which?
  10. I ordered my Pineapple on the afternoon of Tuesday May 6th and it was delivered to me in the UK before lunchtime on Friday May 9th. That's a pretty fast international delivery so hats off to the NSA if they managed to intercept and implant it in that time.
  11. Mad Pierre, what settings/freq are you using in the UK? I have set mine up and it all seems to be working (daemon enabled, map is visible in my browser etc.) - just I haven't picked up any aircraft so far. Cheers. :) Scrub that, it was a poor RF reception issue. My office has thick walls and a metal door (converted garage) so is quite well shielded, I moved the antenna closer to a window and made sure it was properly vertical. I'm now picking up aircraft up to a range of about 50 miles. Great infusion - thanks! :)
  12. I can guess, the last time I was writing code regularly it was in FORTRAN and it ran on a VAX. ;)
  13. Hey all, I decided to sign up to the forum after being introduced to the WiFi Pineapple by a fairly well known US based hacker; he used one as part of a WiFi security seminar I attended 6 days ago. I placed an order for my own MK5 Pineapple the same day and it arrived yesterday, it took just just 4 days to process the order and ship from USA to UK! I've been glued to it with an evil grin on my face for most of last night and this morning so far - and am very impressed! I found the HAK5 community from reading up on the web about the Pineapple, and it looks like a great place to hang out. I'll try to do my research before asking n00b questions. Name: Prefer to keep it anon for now, Trolljegeren is the name of a favourite movie of mine. Favourite game: Used to be WoW, now it's just fiddling with Linux and learning to hack/code Favourite OS: Kali on my development machine, Ubuntu on my office machine. Favourite console: N./A (sorry!) Nationality: British Accent: English (Southern) Age: 40 Sex: Male Race: White European Height: 178cm Build: Muscular/fat Favourite band: All sorts, everything from Mumford & Sons to Scandinavian Black metal depending on the day. Favourite book: Wheel of Time series. Favourite author: Robert Jordan or GRRM Favourite movie: Trolljegeren (The Troll Hunter) Favourite director: Peter Jackson (LotR) Favourite TV Show: Regular Ordinary Swedish Mealtime (Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SwedishMealTime ) Other Hobbies: Running (trail/mountain), learning more about Linux, hacking etc. Car: A boring Honda for getting me from A --> B. Occupation: Designer of in-building cellular (GSM/UMTS/LTE) systems, work(ed) for most of the UK's mobile network providers at one time or another.
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