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  1. I would love to go as well, I have enough airline miles to get me there and back but i'm in the middle of buying a new house so not sure I can make it.
  2. I been meaning to get my changes posted since i saw your post a few days back. sadly the drive on my Macbook Pro is shot and and wont boot... :( Luckily I have been backing everything up with crashplan so I just have to locate the files and recover them from my 15TB of data in the cloud Ill let you know when i get them posted or I may just load up eclipse and github desktop and fork x942's repo and add the few minor changes I added. depends on how much free time I have this week.
  3. I think the idea with the 2 port hub may work best in this case then i could install the DLL and use duck script to run the powershell commands line by line in interactive mode, rather than trying to use a ps1 and have the PS execution policy to deal with. I Bet This could also be adapted to eat up mailbox resources as well by setting the recipient of the message to the user or setup an auto reply on the box that is receiving the message to send messages with random garbage attachments
  4. KSI_Syn

    Watch Dogs

    yea it looks like an awesome game. I preordered it a while back. I really hope it lives up to all the hype
  5. I have every thing from Season 2 on to the latest on my NAS I would love to get my hands on season 1
  6. I ended up popping this on my Nexus 7 and testing it with a few different target devices i noticed that the call of the intent after installing Kos's APK was commonly occurring prior to the APK completing its install so the intent would fail to bring the app to forescreen because it didn't yet exist. I added a 2sec delay before calling the intent. also added an additional button to uninstall the APK. hit me up if you want the changes.
  7. What payloads are you attempting to run that are causing you issues. would give us a better idea of what may be going on if we knew what the code should be doing.
  8. So I was working on some powershell-Fu for a customer to restrict e-mails with specific keywords in the e-mail body or subject line from being delivered to a mobile device. In this effort I developed a script that creates hidden rules in exchange that are unable to be detected in the exchange management shell by an admin or in microsoft Outlook by the user. I also wrote a second tool to detect view and delete these hidden rules. What I would like to do is adapt this for the USB Ducky where when the duck is inserted it runs a script that injects a hidden mailbox rule that will auto forward all e-mails received by the user to a specified account. The difficulty here is that the script requires a dll that extends the standard MAPI32.dll that comes with Outlook or the MAPI CDO installer. I am looking for suggestions on the best way to approach getting the dll on the system during the duck script execution. I am considering the Twin Duck firmware ( HID + Mass Storage ) option to see if i could copy the dll to a tmp folder prior to running the script and if i were to do that i would also like to copy the ps1 file so i would just open powershell copy the 2 files to tmp launch the Ps1 from tmp dir and then delete the dir and walk off. any suggestions would be welcome
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