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  1. Well the way I'm thinking of setting it up the wires that are hidden will stay there. I can just unhook the leads and take the enclosure under the back seat out and the display won't be bolted in I can use industrial Velcro strips and attach it to a plexiglass panel that's bolted to the mount. So it would still be easily removed
  2. alright I decided to go a different direction with my mobile Mark V-Raspberry Pi setup. I was hoping to get some input, tips, and ideas for this project... After thinking long and hard about how I wanted to do this I realized I have plenty of unused space in my truck. I went to my local lowe's and found a 12" x 8" x 4" electrical enclosure that fits perfectly behind/under my back seat and I've pretty much decided that i want my setup hidden from prying eyes so i want to mount the 9" TFT lcd display to the inside of the lid for the arm rest/compartment in my front seat. ( possibly on a pull out adjustable mounting system so i can comfortably sit in the driver seat and have the monitor in line of sight ) All wires will be hidden under the carpet and tucked behind molding to try and camouflage the rig. i ordered 6 of the battery packs below and i ordered the elite pineapple bundle for the 74 hour battery. ordered a UPis Advanced - Uninterrupted Power Intelligent Supply to be able to switch between cig lighter power and the battery packs when truck is turned off ( plus its suppose to recharge the batteries while the truck is running seemed like it would work good for this plan. the wireless keyboard fits in the armrest/compartment along with the display. the battery packs are Dodocool power bank 12000mAh anyways feel free to put your 2 cents in on this project thanks
  3. Yea that's actually a good idea thanks
  4. No I have already ordered the panel frame I mean the panel insert
  5. Nothing yet what's arrived already is still packed away in their boxes. When I get everything together the plan is to set up the mark v in my truck.. The ap51s I'm going to flash into mark llls and deploy all over town near all of the open networks... For educational purposes... My main focus at this point is my pi. I figure the model b rev 2.0 has 512mb ram so I'll upgrade the SD card from the 8gb to a 32gb and boot from that and run kali linux off of a 1tb toshiba external HDD. Pineapple will run off the 74 hour battery included in the bundle and I'll run the pi off a dodocool 12000mAh backup battery/charger and I'll put a power converter in the box in case I need to plug it into my cig. Lighter in case of emergencies. You know same ole same ole
  6. Lol I've done a lot of shopping these past few days. So far I've ordered : 15 Alfa AP51's Wifi Pineapple Mark V Elite Bundle Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo CanaKit Raspberry Pi Ultimate Starter Kit DVK511 Expansion Board 9" TFT LCD Display Mod 17 32GB Samsung Class10 Micro SD A Pelican 1300 NF case ------ That's whats ordered as of now.. I have a box full of Toshiba 1TB Ex HDDs And a bunch of other random stuff lol I'm gonna see what kind of mayhem I can cause once I get this project going
  7. I was wondering if any of you guys happened to know where I can find a couple panel inserts for the 1300? I've seen a few on eBay and Amazon for $60+ a pop... There has to be a cheaper alternative any help would be appreciated
  8. Also I was wondering what are the dimensions of the box that comes with the Mark V elite package?
  9. Ok I looked back a few pages and didn't see a open thread about it so I wanna ask what is the best battery pack for the mark v? I see they have 2 different batteries that come with the respective bundles but what are you guys running for longer periods?
  10. OpCode90

    3D printing

    I was wondering if any of you guys know who I can talk to about getting some parts I need printed up and mailed to me for a reasonable price in the US?
  11. I'ld recommend the Ardamax Keylogger and a hex editor you can manipulate a few things and make it undetectable. Plus newer versions have a built in FTP uploader/downloader option very handy indeed.. Worst case use armadillo on any old keylogger and you can make it undetectable
  12. Look into using a FTP server and then research how to make your own downloader. If you have any knowledge with vb.net it's only a few lines of code then all you have to do is use a crypter like armadillo to pack it and make it undetectable..
  13. But we are getting off track here man... Get a yagi for real and remember the higher you mount it the better. I just got my HAM Radio. License so I'm rigging mine on a 50 ft pole. As far as anyone knows it's for my radio and not my wifi ...
  14. I paid $20 each for them and $17 shipping for the whole lot of them..
  15. I'm buying a mark v this week, just ordered 15 Alfa AP51's and I'm gonna see if I can't flash up a bunch of mark 3's to deploy all over town. Lol
  16. http://www.ab9il.net/wlan-projects/wifi6.html if your a DIY kind of guy this site will help you build your own Yagi-Uda antenna.. and ill give you a tip for a really cheap boom... look at 3/8 inch wood dowels at your local lowes ill post pics of mine when im done painting it here in a few days
  17. I have both of those alfa cards and as they said above the AWUS036H has better range but in my opinion the AWUS036NHA has better Deauth & Injection... also get a Yagi Directional Antenna they sell one here on the site, or get one offline somewhere.. I personally made my own ( after about 2 weeks of research after SWR testing it and tweaking it I can safely say its around 26dbi ) next im setting up a 50 ft pole that'll rotate via remote :)
  18. there are still a few AP51's floating around I just ordered 15
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