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  1. And would you recommend ZFS or not? ZFS needs Server-Ram - is that true? I forgot to answer your RAID-question - i have to admit - i don´t know. As far as i know it is difficult to expand your raid-array after you have set it up... so i am open to any suggestions. I have two 500 GB HDDs here, i want to use for it and add another 2 TB of Storage - i am pretty sure that i do not need more than max 3-4TB of storage in the next 2 or 3 years. A lot of people would say now - why do you want build your your own server for that... buy a WD "My Cloud" and everything is ok... but my motivation is: i want to learn from scratch, i want to have my data on MY server and not somewhere else, i want it as secure as possible, want it to be accessable everywhere and i want some data redundancy.
  2. Ok, i got that with the memory - it is that i always had good experience with mushkin... but you are right. But MoBo: the one you recommended does only support 8GB of RAM (this is what the spec sheet says). The one i suggested does 16 GB - so i would prefer that. Chassis: i have an offer to buy a "used (good as new)" one for 45 Euros: Lian Li PC-A04A which does support a lot of HDDs out of the box - so if i wanted to upgrade the ability would be there. This is also the reasen why i wanted to go with a little bit better CPU - but i know... "future-proof" purchase isn´t always very intelligent (best is - always buy what you need NOW). Thanks for all your help so far!!!!!!!
  3. @Cooper: Thanks for your detailed answer. So i am willing to learn a lot - thats the main reason i want to build this server - and it has a lot of good sideeffects - i can provide some others a storage and backup solution. My considered configuration before i found the hp micorserver was that: ATHLON 5350 2.05 GHZ AMD ASRock AM1H-ITX (mini-ITX) Netzteil (ATX24) WT 350W/80+ Bronze/24-7 HW RAM Mushkin 8GB 1600-11 Silverline MSK 2 HDDS 2TB But the biggest problems seems to be the firewall of the NAT-ed network... so i have to speak with our network admin.
  4. Hi, i am very new to server / NAS -segment and all this stuff. But i want to have my own home server for data backup, cloud storage for about 10 users. The server will be located inside a homenetwork which firewall i don´t have access to and with dynamic IP - so i guess i have to use the standard-ports to reach the server from outside? My main question is: Would you recommend a hp-proliant microserver over a custom-build (i like to build my own pcs :-) - so building the thing wouldn´t be a problem) - but the hp micorserver seems to come for a very good prize. I know that i would sacrifice a little bit of upgradability with that. How is it with internet-security? Does HP use any suspicious hard-or software which can specified as spyware? And what OS/Software would you recommend? I tend to use FreeNAS or Linux-Server and Seafile for cloud-function. Any recommendations on these things? Thanks for all help in advance.
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