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  1. I think I have missed a major step. I transferred the file that came with the micro sd to my laptop leaving it blank, then created the simple payload discussed earlier, downloaded the .bin file, and transferred it to the micro sd. After inserting it into the duck I plugged the duck into the usb and got a red light saying that it could not read the file. I also tried this with the original file on the sd which produced the manufacturers preloaded introductory sentence thus confirming that it is my error. As new as this is to me I need to know what needs to be done to the file so that it can be
  2. Thank you spazi. My only concern was that it would only repeat F5 without the delay. If that is not the case my problem was uber simple and I will try and run this tomorrow. Thank you for your time and attention to my noobie question.
  3. First of all I would like to apologize for being a complete noob to this. I have a specific need, to create a VERY simple payload which will refresh a screen overnight in order to not log out of a program. What I need is a 10 second delay when the duck is plugged in, followed by the F5 key, followed by a 10 second delay, followed by the F5 key etc, etc, ... This sequence would need to be repeated for 12 continuous hours until I was able to return to the terminal. Can anyone please help me to generate a payload (my first) to run such a program? is it possible? Keep in mind that I am a humble sa
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