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  1. I'm also having trouble with this on a tetra running FW 1.1.2. Does anyone know what the root cause of this is? It's really annoying having bought this only to have to fall back to a laptop running kali. This is the simplest use case for this device and it consistently fails at it :(
  2. Yeah, it's not available on the tetra.
  3. I've had my tetra for a couple days now and i've been pulling my hair out. Following the standard procedures here: http://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=cracking_wpa I end up with fairly large .cap files that airodump says successfully captured a handshake (from wlan0mon). But when I upload those .cap's to onlinehashcrack.com they say they are invalid. Converting them with aircrack-ng to .hccap files works fine, but then running the resulting files in cudahashcat against my wordlist (with the correct wpa password in the list for testing) comes up with nothing. If i perform the same capture with kali linux and an alfa AWUS036NH the resulting .cap file is seen as valid by onlinehashcrack.com AND running the converted .hccap file in cudahaschat returns a hit no problem. I don't understand wtf is happening here. Thanks for any help!
  4. Just got my tetra today, so far i'm pretty pleased with it. I noticed there aren't any packages for screen or tmux which seems like a huge oversight? Anyone figured out how to install these manually? Is this based off openwrt? Thanks for any help!
  5. Surely someone must have some experience with this? The lack of documentation for what must be such a common problem is absolutely shocking.
  6. Hello everyone, I've spent a few days browsing every 3G modem post on the forums and i'm finding it difficult to find information on which is the best option for the Mark V. I picked up a Huawei E173 for use with T-Mobile USA. This particular modem seems to be a huge pain to get working reliably under linux, and all reference to 3g.sh and usb_modeswitch are for the mark IV. 3g.sh seems to have completely changed in the Mark V without any documentation? Regardless, i'm looking for an unlocked modem that will work without the hassle of usb_modeswitch and whatnot, price is not a factor. Thanks!
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