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  1. Hey, I've been having an issue where I'll be running reaver on an access point and go to bed and the next day it had gotten up to around 55% finished and stalled, but every time I go to start it again it seems to want to start all over again on the PINs. ...I see the history file but I wasn't sure of a correct method to ensure the reaver module is checking all of the past history logs to eliminate all known PIN guesses from its lists before starting all over again. Thanks
  2. After some more thinking, I realized that I do change the MAC address' for the pineapples wlan0 & wlan1 every so often. I'm going to test how the infusions react when I supply their lists (adding the pineapples MAC's to the blacklist for KARMA and to the whitelist for Wifi jammer) and see if all stays steady. I DO think maybe the developer of the wifi jammer infusion should release an update which switches naming for the black/white list so that its set up the SAME as KARMA to help new users to avoid this confusion.... However it may cause mass confusion for those out there who already use them as is. Perhaps the infusion update for the wifi jammer can be pushed and very clear in the information about the update that the names are reversing. It's just a suggestion. Thoughts?
  3. @ Hackling.... To my understanding If you're in white-list mode then yes.. Karma will try to "mimic" the SSID's in your white list, however in blacklist mode Karma will not mess with the listed SSID's you place in that. Keep in mind the list stays the same even after switching between the two modes. But it's one mode or the other. Either you're using the whitelist mode or the blacklist mode. Then you also have the outright blacklist as well to add all the MAC address' to in which you'd like Karma to ignore the beacons from. I will say that every time I use the wifi jammer remotely it seems to jam up the pineapple too. I know the Black/white list are reverse for that infusion.... but gosh, I've been staying away from the jammer a little as it causes me connection problems no matter the settings. Can others elaborate anything they have done to successfully use the jammer in conjunction with karma without causing the unit to throw itself into the jamming??
  4. quick newbie question.... I have the "strip-n-inject" infusion installed to my SDcard as well as the "SSL Strip" infusion installed too.... I've been trying to run them both but it has occurred to me that perhaps it should be one or the other. Thanks in advance to anyone who can clear that up for me.
  5. Yes, I have to say it took me a little messing around to figure out that the blacklist/white-list functions are in fact reversed when you're dealing with wifi-jammer. It seems to me the way Karma uses the features is the correct method being that "blacklisting" means DO NOT associate with and "white-list" means DO associate with. My question is a little different..... For Karma, I put the MAC address for the actual pineapple itself in the blacklist. Is this necessary? Most likely it isn't, but does anyone know if blacklisting the pineapples MAC address would work against you in anyway? Is there perhaps a built in code in the firmware to already prevent such a thing from happening? I just thought to myself, its like taking two mirrors and facing them head on to each other. I haven't seen this question asked... but maybe it was. Thanks! PS: @ Hak5 Uber fan +++ I laughed quite hard at your ICON.... a laser sight on a tripod-yagi... brilliant! looks like a machine gun.
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