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  1. Hello, i am a newbe to the wifi Pineapple and wanted to know is there a way to get a console on the web interface instead of SSH ing it ?
  2. yeah it works on routers with the Wi-Fi protected setup exploit i already crack the wifi network with Kali that i am trying to crack with the wifipineapple so i know it has the exploit but i am trying to see if the wifi pineapple can do it. (hint why i am cracking the same network as i did with Kali) So dose anyone else know what i am doing wrong or how to do it a different way
  3. Hello, i used reaver in the past but i was wondering how i can make it work with the Infusion "WPA" i start up reaver and when i do this it fails to associate with the network, i thought it was just the network so i booted into Kali Linux and found the password fine with reaver so i know the network vulnerable. Hear is the Error i get (If you can't see it right click on image and open in new tab)
  4. Hello, i am a newbie so i don't know a lot of what i am doing but i know my way around kali linux and used reaver before but i was just wondering how i can use reaver with wifi Pineapple I got an user infusion of WPS that has reaver on it but I don't know why whenever i try to use it it dose not work hear is what i am getting ( if you can't see image open it in a new tab) and i don't know how to make it work. Will someone help me ?
  5. Hi, Dose any one know what type of computer "hak5" uses on there shows ? Or just a good computer that can do a lot of stuff "hak5" dose. Right now I have a Mac and it dose not support a lot of commands that "hak5" uses
  6. Nc (The IP) (Then The Port) And when i hit enter nothing happens. it is like i just hit enter without typing any command. So do you have an alternative way to send a message to an IP without using NetCat ?
  7. Cooper No need to get frustrating or mad hear I am just trying to find out if it is possible to send a message to an ip, and yes i have read the manual (http://linux.die.net/man/1/nc)%C2'> i have tried everything or I would not be asking you guys if it was that easy, I would not be replying to this form if i have not tried everything with the tips you guys give me. And right now I cannot get the NetCat To work on my computer ( And Yes Cooper I Have Tried Almost Every Thing!!!) So can someone else give me any tips on how to send a message to an IP without using NetCat
  8. Cooper I have tried it it won't work!! I don't think i can do it on a Mac if you guys get it to work on mac tell me how you did it :) so right now I need an alternate way to send a message to an IP so dose any one know how to do it with one of these commands talk, write, and mail command ? or any outer command I am forgetting about that might work ?
  9. No it didn't work nothing happened i don't think it works on a mac and sometimes it will give me this message when I'm trying to listen on the port usage: nc [-K tc] [-b boundif] [-i interval] [-p source_port] [-s source_ip_address] [-w timeout] [-X proxy_version] [-x proxy_address[:port]] [hostname] [port] thats why i need and alternative option right now, so would one of these commands work ? talk command, write command, and mail command
  10. I know how to port forward. It's just when we tried it did not work, nothing happened. thats why i want to know if i could do it with the talk command, or write command, or maybe even mail command if i could send mail to an ip.
  11. Okay I have tried this and it is not working. I forwarded the ports on my house and my neighbors house and did the commands but it won't work. the computers will not see the message. Could I use the talk command? Or the write command how would i do it with one of those commands?
  12. Ok if i was to do it the net cat way do i have to port forward on the outer network too ? , but also will the write command work ?
  13. Haha I keep saying he is in another country because some one might read this form and not see that he is in another country and they might say oh use the wall command or some outer command that only uses the local computer
  14. ok how would i get talk to work to chat to someone thats in another county ?
  15. yeah i know that i was just wondering if i could talk to my friend with just terminal and his ip, i don't want to install any thing, i am looking for a command thats already on the computer like Netcat, Talk.
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