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  1. Thank you for the 1.2 update. Please note the 1.2 update did not appear in the Pineapple Bar. I had to uninstall version 1.1 manually, and then install 1.2 Anyway, when is this thing going to send me notifications? Every time a device is Karma'ed? That would be sweet. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for the 1.1 update. I have entered my Pushover app token + user key and I can send myself a test notification. Woohoo! However, the infusion mistakenly thinks I haven't configured my Pushover settings because it tells me "configuration not set" and I cannot enable the push notifications :(
  3. I have rebooted after install, but the Notify infusion still tells me "curl not installed" and clicking on "Install to Internal" does not do anything. Please assist. This infusion appears to be dead to me.
  4. This is the Wi-Fi adapter I'm trying to plug into the Pineapple USB: http://www.baudtec.com.tw/p_wlan%20usb%20dongle_re150u.htm I believe this is Realtek RTL8188SU chipset. Here's a Linux driver: https://wikidevi.com/wiki/BaudTec_RE150U-DT-1T1R
  5. I have installed curl (opkg manager infusion confirms this) but notify infusion still tells me: "curl not installed".
  6. I have installed the Notify infusion and I have a pushover account -- how do I configure this infusion? It reads "curl not installed". But when I click on "Install to Internal" then nothing happens. Can you please assist? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I'm trying to connect a WLAN adapter to the Pineapple USB. This is the setup I'm trying to achieve: * wlan 0: access point (Karma) * wlan 1: sending de-auth requests (Jammer) * USB: client mode, internet connection sharing with wlan 0. Is this possible? If yes, how and where can I configure the WLAN adapter connected to USB? I have tried the WiFi Manager infusion, but it seems to "see" wlan 0 and wlan 1 only. Thanks! (the reason I'm asking is because I'm on Mac OS X 10.8 -- hence no ICS on eth 0)
  8. I had tucked the SD card away because it didn't work for me and I had to initialize my MK5 using the unbrick instructions. Anyway, can I format this thing via the management interface now? (it reads: "experimental" which kinda scares me)
  9. > The SD Card should always be in. I'm guessing there is where I had gone wrong.
  10. Does the SD card need to be inserted for this upgrade?
  11. > Can you SSH in? No. I cannot log into either.
  12. The management interface tells me this: "Performing upgrade. Please wait. This can take a while". In the meantime, I'm looking at a green light and a blinking blue light. For more than over an hour. Please assist.
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