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  1. I'm not opening 2 tabs any more, it works with the 1 tab...as fas as noscript, it is running, I keep it running all the time, and it has pandora blocked. whether it has to for it to work or not, i don't know. personally I'm just glad I can finally get some of the music I have been listening too, and unable to purchase at radially available outlets.
  2. thank for the response. I got grease monkey today, and now i can get it to work... using no-script, greasmonkey, and flash switcher... man what a PITA... I was suprised it is working thoug, as the artist and album details don't show up...also, if i do the 2 tab thing, it rips the songs from the first tab, and i have to have both playing (which sounds terrible with 2 different songs at once). also, if i choose to rate a song as "thumbs down" i have to restart, as it won't go to the next track. thanks again, all is working now! <EDIT> removing the pic now off my account, as you saw it , aand it is taking up valuable space (I'm always close to my limit lol)
  3. wahaaaaaaaa he seems to be using IE or any other browser and he is WONDERING WHY PJ IS NOT WORKING! Never did "rofl" express that close what I feel like to do at the moment! :-P ok mr' happypants... here's what i get when clicking on the aforementioned link IN firefox (oh and see previous post by myself listing everything I have tried, I listed which browser I was using there too, but people like yourself don't care about reading and entire thread)http://www.onpoi.net/ah/pics/users/180_1168467825_image1.jpg dumbfuk
  4. "untitled" or as I should say "blank" link ?!wtf? FK this it is too complex and has no chance of working on my end, or whatever. something in me says you are all lying about this shit. everything I have tried from this forum has not even come close to working. buncha bullshitters.
  5. anyone? I still can't get past the "upgrade to flash player required" all i get is the window with the green puzzle piece saying upgrade required to view this page.
  6. sorry i am new to this whole thing, both firefox and the whole script thing.... nothing here works >:( WTF? I followed all these: yet I dont even get close to the allowing of "localhost"the best I've done is creating the *.bat file (from the N00b's guide) and getting pandora going.... ONLY when I upgrade the flash player. without doing that all "suggestions" have not worked, including, the "this frame" option... I will be honest the post with this info: is WAY beyone my understanding....basically what I am getting is (with flash 9) pandora running, and a message in the "let's rip some mp3's" window a "host not found" type of message. otherwise i can not run pandora. could someone please walk the non-uber tech savvy though this?!? here's what I got so far: no-script is installed firefox2.0.0.1 pandora 7.4.0 extracted to c:pandora a *.bat file with the following (I do know what and how a BAT file works) cd c:pandora start java -jar pandora.jar 8085 cd c:Program FilesMozilla Firefox start firefox http://localhost:8085 I HAVE run the flash player uninstaller, and installed from the fp8_archive "flashplayer8r34_winax.exe" I know I am a n00b to the forum, and don't deserve an intelligent response, but please... I have a great station of chill music that most of the songs are not in print or not available in the US or anywhere I live... stuff like Murcof - Remembranza and the like. thanks for the help (please)
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