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  1. I don't think it's going to cover just things like sniffing but rather the ethics and a load of other stuff. Here's what we're going to be studying:http://www.ljmu.ac.uk/courses/undergraduate/2014/cyber-security
  2. Okay, I'll do that. Thanks for the help
  3. I thought you meant as in some sort of other encryption sorry! Didn't think you was talking about the password to even get on the network! Using WPA2 -PSK Complete beginner at this. Studying cyber security in September so hoping to get a headstart now.. Must be making people so many people *facepalm* right now
  4. I believe I have found the source ofthe problem....I had to type in the password for my access point in the decrypt key settings on 802.11 protocol. Though still not showing http...it just floods with BskyB data and such. Ah well, I give up!
  5. Sorry I'm new to this. Okay so I've done airmon-ng start wlan0 and it's created a new card named mon0. Now I no longer see packets sent/received on wlan0 so in wireshark I choose the mon0 option. When on mon0 all I see is mainly data from and to sagecom and private [MAC address here]. Most say in the info "request-to-send" after clear-to-send then block ack? Tried filtering Http and now it doesn't even detect internet activity on the laptop
  6. I don't think so. I set it all up and didn't opt for any encryption
  7. Okay, I'm back (didn't want to create a new thread). So I've recently got rid of the VM version of Kali and gone ahead of making a live usb persistent copy. However, I'm still running into the same problems of only able to sniff my own traffic? What am I doing wrong? I did everything the same as in Hak5's video on wireshark introduction
  8. tbh if not for malicious uses, most anti-virus software can do them things, cerberous is a good one
  9. Thanks, for all the help. As said by most of you, I think I'll be buying one of them usb network cards if I can get one for fairly cheap. Just to poke around with and experiment with the stuff you can do in Kali! Sorry for the late reply, been working my ass off in preparation for exams haha!
  10. Thanks for all your help guys, so what I've gathered is that I need to some how reroute all the traffic to my laptop by using ettercap or similar program. One thing I noticed was, will it affect my laptop sniffing if my computer is plugged into ethernet? Also, on my VM version of Kali it says it's plugged into Ethernet though my laptop is connected to the internet via WiFi...
  11. ah! So do I use ettercap for this? Realised you can ARP poison with it but not exactly sure how atm
  12. Okay thanks, sorry I have next to none experience with this. I sort of understand your first post, if I'm correct. You're saying instead of my victim(my computer) connecting to the router/internet it goes to my laptop then my laptop goes to the internet correct? I'm not particularly sure how to do it but I'll have a look round on the web. I thought wireshark did that for you automatically when you start its sniff. But thank you for taking your time to reply and help :) Much appreciated!
  13. Maybe, how am I supposed to get it to work?
  14. I don't really understand what you're saying. I can see traffic going through wireshark, it shows all sorts including my router traffic if that's what you mean? I did read somewhere that you need a USB dongle to be able to do sniffing through VM but I can use the internet and nmap scan just fine. Not sure where I'm going wrong..it floods the whole box but when I filter http all i see is traffic from my laptop
  15. Hey all! I'm new to all this security related hacking and want to learn more about pentesting etc as I have chosen to study cyber security at university this September! Anyway, my problem right now is, that I want to do some basic http sniffing with wireshark. What I've done is I have set up kali on a Virtual box (bridged) on my laptop and am trying to sniff the web pages I load on my computer. Both are connected to my home network however, for some odd reason wireshark isn't picking up any http from my computer or any signals. Though, its picking up packets from other devices on the network! I can surf the internet and when I run a netcat scan it is able to identify what else is there on the network but for some reason it won't sniff my http on my computer? Also I have made sure the pages I visit on my computer are http aswell...please help!
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