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  1. really? Now that's what i call a fast update! Thx.
  2. Hi, I connected it with Wifi (client mode) and was able to finally update the firmware after several disconnects. Thanks!!
  3. Thanks for getting back to me Seb. I let the Mk5 sit there for about an hour and nothing was happening. So I unplugged it and tried it again and it WORKED. THANKS!!! One last thing, I rebooted and inserted my new class 10 sd card. (formatted in fat 32) I successfully connected via wifi and tried to perform a firmware update (over the air). The problem is that it keeps disconnecting. Do you recommend that i do this with ethernet? Cheers, cheeto
  4. Thanks Seb! Unfortunately my Mk5 is bricked. :( It's been plugged in for over 25 min and all I see are the following lights: GREEN PURPLE RED. There is absolutely no blinking whatsoever. Can i assume that it is bricked? Regarding the unbricking file "Factory 1.2.0.bin. It does not contain a mdk file. Can i just dump that on my class 10 sd card? (and of course, follow the instructions from there? thanks guys
  5. Hi guys, I finally got my hands on my Mk5. Prior to receiving it, I had been doing a lot of reading on the forum. Although I have not turned it on yet, I took the advice of several users on this forum and went out and bought a class 10 SD card. Doubt : I downloaded the 1.3 firmware but it is only composed of 1 file whereas the stock firmware that was included in the original firmware has 2 files. Should I copy the stock firmware onto my new SD card and later update from the pineapple menu? Or can I just copy the 1.3 firmware to my new class 10 SD and update upon my first boot. As a side note, I formated my new SD card with my pc in fat32 mode. Doubt: Will it be necessary to connect my mk5 to my pc's ethernet or can I connect to my router? Sorry for these questions but I know that the initial boot is critical. Thanks guys!, Cheeto
  6. Nothing to split hairs over. Use the product as you may.
  7. Thanks Seb. It's a good point you brought up for us newbies. It's silly limiting a purchase of a fine antenna because of the connector. I bought 2 SMA Male Jack to RP-SMA Female Adapter from the Hakstore. http://hakshop.myshopify.com/products/sma-male-jack-to-rp-sma-female-adapter Cheers!
  8. Hi guys, If it's rp-sma, can't you just get an adapter to convert it to sma? Also, I would assime that some hardware stores could make a custom sma cable to adapt to any WiFi antenna. Am I wrong on this one? Cheers
  9. Thanks raz0r, I've seen most of Chris' videos. Hands down the best tutorials out there. I wonder if the users, who are having problems with karma, have watched this video? It's pretty straight forward. Easy for me say since I'm yet to have my Pineapple. :) (coming really soon) cheers, cheeto
  10. Hi guys, I will be receiving my mkv very soon. Really excited!! Anyway in reading the topics on the forum, I see that many users are having troubles with Karma. Could some, who knows how to use Karma, make a video tutorial on how to use it? I think it would help many of us users. Cheers, Cheeto
  11. Many thanks for sharing your experience with your Pineapple. I will soon have my hands on one as well. Regarding the Unbuntu Server, I did the same as you. Partitioned my Win 7 and made it dual boot with Unbuntu Server. I followed Chris' tutorial up to the point where i needed the MK V. An idea would be to have a VIDEO manual of the infusions. How they are used etc.. As soon as i get mine and If I get the hang of it, I'll make some. cheers, cheeto
  12. Fanbase, I went ahead and followed Chris’ tutorial. It’s very well explained. I partitioned my netbook and installed Windows 7 and Ubuntu server. With Chris’ tutorial I successfully have the ssh ready to go. All I need now is my Pineapple to arrive. J Cheers, cheeto
  13. Xcellerator, I think I finally figured out Reaver. 1 last question and no more, When i use: wash -i mon0 and i suddenly see a list of AP. Are the ones that they "locked = NO" crackable? Thanks man!
  14. Thanks Xcellerator, I really appreciate the tips. I’ve been using WIFIslax 4.8 for WEP cracking, with no problem. In addition it has a fantastic script called “YAMAS”. Highly recommended. Anyway, I started experimenting with Kali. When trying to attack routers with WPA wps Enabled, it locks me out after the 2nd or 3rd pin. (Just like you mentioned in your previous post) I’ve tried many things like time delaying in order to avoid lock outs but I have never been successful. It might be my Antenna. (TP-LINK TL-WN7200ND). For what I read it’s about a 10 hour process. For this reason I’m placing my bet on the Pineapple. Thanks!!! ps. I will take your advice and look into 4 way handshakes.
  15. Thanks guys, Patience is fundamental. I've read several issues, here on this forum, with the Mark V. The majority of them seem to be 1st boot (firmware update) The instruction manual is very clear. I hope I don't run into any problems. :) If I decide to SSH (I have unbuntu server installed on a netbook) no need to mess with the Dip switches, right? Also, Will wpa cracking only work when WPS is enabled? Or will it also work with non WPS routers? (using Reaver or Bully I assume) Thanks guys, I really can't wait to get my hands on this thing. Cheers!
  16. Quick question regarding Dip switches. I assume if you don't have any issues with the device, just leave the Dip switches in the up position (1), right? thanks!! cheeto
  17. Thanks Xcellerator!! Great information. A common newbie mistake is getting excited unboxing and not reading the manual thus resulting in bricking etc.. I'm going to read this manual at least 5 times before I power on. Thanks again!!! cheeto Suggestion for Hack5: just an idea, but how about sending the pdf manual link after the purchase is made. It might avoid some headaches. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!
  18. Hi guys, Great forum!! I just ordered my Mark V. However before I receive it I’m reading through the forum to see what I should and should not do. I would really appreciate your suggestions on what to avoid doing etc. My doubts: Can I download the Mark V instruction manual? Once I boot for the 1st time & install the firmware, can I then REMOVE the supplied 2gb SD and replace it with a new one? If replacing with a new class 10 SD, does Mark V format it for me? (in ext4 or fat32) Should the SD have the firmware files on it at all times Or could it be left empty? Thanks for reading. cheeto
  19. Fanbase, Many thanks for the reply. I think I found your writeup: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/32210-how-to-use-pem-keycertificate-for-autossh-into-amazon-ec2-instance/ Will these steps work on Ubuntu server (running off of VMware)? I'm sure there will be many things to learn before getting into ssh. For what I understand, ssh is one the most complicated procedures. So if you could figure it out, it should be downhill from there. When watching Chris' tutorial, i couldn't believe how many steps where necessary just to do a ssh. I was thinking of running ubuntu server with VMware. But if I use VMware i might have to type those procedures every time i choose to ssh. There has to be a more efficient way. I guess i better keep reading. Thanks again. Cheeto
  20. Hi Folks, I've been doing A LOT of reading and watching several videos on the Mark V. I'm bound to buy one SOOOOOON. My doubts: 1st of all , I saw both Darren's & Chriswhat's videos on "relay" or "ssh". (EXCELLENT WORK GUYS!!!) Is there an easier way to do this? (with a gui maybe?) Must i follow these steps every time I want to connect remotely? In Darren's explanation, regarding relay mode, must I use an UBUNTU server? If so, will VMware save all the steps i did in order to configure it? Or must i do the whole procedure again evertime i want to connect remotely. Sorry for all the questions. Again, I'm beyond newbie: just now getting into KALI & WifiSlax. Cheers, cheeto
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