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  1. Have a Tripp Lite PV375 Portable Auto Inverter 375W 12V DC to AC 120V 5-15R 2 Outlet with 2 plug outlets for common house hold 3 and 2 prong. Plugged laptop in one and Mark V Pineapple in other, connect with wired lan cable, Vehicle running, plugged trip lite into 12V outlet. Could not get mouse cursor to stay still enough to use. It would over jump and move on its own. I suspected it was power fluxations. I left the pineapple plugged in as thats the only power I had and unplugged laptop went to battery on it. Mouse cursor still jumping around. When I then unplugged the lan cable the mouse cursor was back to normal. But plug in the lan cable--forget it--jumping around. With just laptop plugged into tripp lite its fine. It was working fine on home power.
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