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  1. Would Karma automaticly replace the SSID name of the pineapple to the name of the connected networks SSID?
  2. Hello, maybe a stupid idea but why not add an option to automaticly copy the SSIDof the open/cracked SSID to the pineapple so it looks like that AP. It would make a great tool for a MITM attack. Walk into any place and you don't have to configure your pineapple just turn it on, it connects / crack and connects and pretends to be the local SSID. Block the local AP for everyone else and just allow the pineapple to connect to it. Sorry if this is already possible...
  3. Hello, I was wondering. If the test person sees that he's connected to his home network while he's not near his home he could (should) be wondering what is going on. Is there a way to use the probe requests, let the device think ok this is my trusted network and let the device show a different AP name. For example: In McDonalds a smartphone would send out a probe request: Hello home network are you around? The pineapple would answer: sure, here I am, connect to me. The user would see his home network connected. What if the pineapple could say: "sure, here I am and btw my name is now 'wifi McDonalds'". Would that be possible? Thx
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