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  1. @jpartz87 @Secure_MyHouse @kucoincom It’s working again

  2. @realDonaldTrump Your doing a great job.

  3. @KTMUSA I recently bought a 2017 KTM 1090 Adv R. I want to install a power outlet for phones and accesories. Whic… https://t.co/4GI7Wv8sTm

  4. @DerekVanRiper half point ppr. Start Brady or Rodgers

  5. @bamaink @PFF_Fantasy That’s tough

  6. @Schenksen Brown

  7. @AndraeHarris3 @PFF_Fantasy I would

  8. @Jeff_Mans half point ppr. Trade away hunt to get Aaron Rodgers? current qbs are Mariota and dalton. rbs are gillislee abdula kamara

  9. RT @CollinRugg: Absolutely horrifying footage of an active shooter in Las Vegas. Stay safe everyone! https://t.co/6pjEy4nMEa

  10. @FisforFantasy @LoechnerNFL Yes

  11. @realjmoney19 Hunt all the way

  12. @isaac_mini @Fantasy_Guru Hunt

  13. @PotteryBarnKids I thought you said you can't change font sizes? How did one become bigger than the other then?

  14. @YMgj112 @allinkid yes

  15. @eddyb38 two of those three will be damn good this year

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