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  1. I've managed to work out a solution - hope this helps others. Interface Name: ppp0 Protocol: 3g Service: umts Device: dev/tty/usb0 APN: three.co.uk Username: Password: Default Route: 1 ppp redial: *99# Peer DNS: 0 DNS: Keepalive: 1 pppd options: noauth
  2. Hi all, I'm still struggling with this issue if anyone can help
  3. Another one here but thanks to this forum easily solved.
  4. Hello all Please bear with me and be gentle if i need step by step instructions, as I'm new to Kali linux and just getting to grips with some of the basic commands but I have many years tinkering with the Bill Gates products. I am trying to get my Pineapple V to work with either of my USB 3g modems. I have a Huawei E1752 and a vodafone K3565 rev2 which I believe also goes by the name of Huawei E160X and both of which have been unlocked to all networks (GSM). I have plugged of them into the Pineapple but have not been able to get either of them to connect to the internet. I have spent hours se
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