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  1. hello,i read somewhere that using this infusion i can get the password of the access point that have been connected to by any device around me.

    if i well understand,enabling all the infusion options,i mimic any router know by a device.

    for me it works in this way

    1)i have an iphone an android and a laptop

    2)all the devices search for hotspots they have been connected to

    3)i go to pineapple panel and i see that some devices are in range(this 3)

    4) i see that they are connected to a specific hotspot(even if i know that this hotspots are very far from me)

    5)i go to the wifi settings of any of the devices,and i see that they are connected to hotspots not close to me

    6)where do i find the passwords that the devices used to authenticate to the hotspots they belive are true?

    thank you

  2. perfect,i got it...:)

    i have 5 pins at one side of the pineapple.i know that one cannot be used.how can i associate one of the remaining 4 to have reaver fired up when i turn on the pineapple?

    thank you

  3. Hello,i have a mark 5 with The latest firmware.when i install The wps infusion,i have no eerrors about The md5 but after The confirmation of installation i can read that reaver is not installed.did it happen to someone else?how to procees?thank you

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